Does Lindsay Lohan deserve to go to locked rehab?

  • Yes she does

    Not only does good old Lindsay deserve to go to a locked rehab facility, she deserve to go to jail for the crimes that she has committed. She has skated for far too long and has not paid for a single law that she has broken in her life time.

  • She needs to actually be punished for once.

    If a normal person had done all the crazy stunts that she's pulled, they would have been serving at least a dime in the pen by now. That one needs a good time out to get clean, get her head back on straight, and to take her down a few notches.

    Forced rehab is just what the doctor ordered.

  • Yes She Does

    Anyone that follows Lindsey Lohan knows that she needs rehab badly. Her actions are a little out of hand and she could definitely benefit from what rehab has to offer. If she doesn't go, then the antics will not stop. She needs to go and stay until she straightens thing out.

  • Can't Force Rehab.

    Anyone who has ever dealt with someone with an addiction knows that forced rehab doesn't stick. People take better to rehab when it's a choice. I don't think that rehab instead of a sentence or a fine, will make the difference at this point. She has to want to change.

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