• Well, not necessarily.

    Though my supporting headline may sound like I disagree, I honestly absolutely agree. Though, then again, it's not awesome. Everyone have their own opinion, and I think literature is great, in fact, I love it (ish)! Whoever says no is around the younger group of kids (despite being one myself), they just hate literature and believe that they can live perfectly fine with out school, sitting in their room and playing games for days. Well, that's the funny part, what they don't realize is, they need to learn how to read to even know how to play the game, makes me laugh every time I meet a stupid kid online. I mean, I just wish I could've said, "then how're speaking?" but of course, they would be absolutely confused as to what I'm saying. I mean, if you don't know any literature, you don't know what words mean. And if you don't know what words mean, then you just can't speak in general, you wouldn't even know what your saying. Well... What am I to say, I'm just a kid who sticks out like a sore thumb when I comes to school, actually studying hard and reading on my free time when not playing video games.

  • Literature Is Awesome

    Literature is actually really cool because literature is english and we need english/literature to communicate and to make life easier. Mankind created literature to talk to their friends and families and Skakespeare's advanced english was created to entertain people back in the old days. So basically literature/english is indeed awesome.

  • No is boring u loosrs

    Ha ha losrds i lik tou pliy videio gaimes oek i thnk tht literotore is borina u r all loosrs nobs i dont lkie literashure weirdos why r u even debitng this noobz i find tht this artikle is badd u are all gunna loose to this argumnt ok not beeng meen but it is bod

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