• Lindsay Lohan 'is refusing to discuss miscarriage or sobriety in court' as part of clothing line lawsuit

    Lindsay Lohan is allegedly refusing to be questioned in court after making a sworn statement that she had a miscarriage.

    The actress is fighting to overturn a $5 million lawsuit over her clothing line 6126 - a case she lost last year after failing to respond to the lawsuit.

    Earlier this month, TMZ claimed Lindsay's court documents cited her miscarriage as one of the reasons she failed to respond - therefore losing the case.

  • No valid lawsuit

    Lindsay Lohan does not have a valid lawsuit because Rockstar is in effect satirizing her. If Lindsay had a valid lawsuit, then it would mean that people who are made fun of by satirists would have a case against those who satirize them and that would throw freedom of speech out the window.

  • No, Lindsay Lohan does not have a valid lawsuit.

    Lohan's allegations against the makers of the GTA V game are outlandish. Lohan claims that there are multiple characters within the popular game bearing her likeness, however the characters she is referring to are simple parodies of ALL celebrities - not one in particular. As of recently, Lohan has been linked to many other frivolous lawsuits. This may be another one of many, being used as a tool to keep her name in the public eye.

  • It is just a result of a blown up ego

    No she does not. This is the most ridiculous lawsuit ever. There are millions of women in the world who this character could look and act like. I think it is her blown up ego that has made this lawsuit go forth. I can pick out ten women who look like the one in the game by just watching television for ten minutes.

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