• Yes, it does.

    There is a very clear sound that the concert makes when it is over. It is the sound of clueless young souls going back to the place where they came from and ending their annual summer pilgrimage to the greatest city in the world. It is also a collective sigh of relief.

  • Yes, Lollapalooza has an ending sound.

    The word "Lollapalooza" certainly has an ending sound, just as any word or combination of syllables does. The ending sound of this particular word, which happens to be the name of a well known music festival that takes place every year in August in the city of Chicago, is "za."

  • EDM may be less relevant, but Lollapalooza endures

    Although electric dance music has mostly dissipated from the popularity it held in American culture during the 90s, the event of Lollapalooza remains significant. EDM provided the foundation for many of today's mainstream pop stars. Lady Gaga and others owe EDM and Lollapalooza a great deal. Even if the sound is less noticeable in future years, echos of it will always be heard.

  • No, Lollapalooza doesn't have an ending sound.

    No, I don't feel that Lollapalooza has an ending sound, but it does have something of an Indie vibe. Set in Chicago, this vibrant music festival features alternative rock, hip hop, punk and other genres. Many of the bands performing are up and coming so naturally, there is an Indie sound to their music, but not an Ending sound.

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