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  • No It Doesn't

    I do not believe loosening regulations on Wall Street makes any sense at all. I believe the stock market is artificially inflated already and loosening regulations would only make this problem worse. If anything, we need more regulations to control this market. Deregulation causes problems like the housing crisis and America does not need more of these problems.

  • It makes about as much sense as giving a fish a bicycle.

    We already tried loosening regulations for banks and Wall Street once this century. This led to the Great Recession that started back in 2007 or 2008. Are our memories that short? We must heavily regulate our financial markets. They're filled with greedy people who will take advantage of anything they can.

  • No, not at all.

    Loosening regulations on Wall Street would be a terrible idea. They are already wild and out of control, and already have too much sway and power. If they were to go unfettered, it would be even more out of control, tipping the balance of economic power even more. Not good.

  • No, loosening regulations on Wall Street doesn't make any sense.

    I do not think that loosening regulations on Wall Street makes any sense. I think that people would not agree with such a thing since people still blame Wall Street for the financial crisis in 2008. I think that giving Wall Street less regulations would only cause more problems and issues.

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