• Yes it does...

    Around age of 15,if v think of it deeply ,ve cn feel true sensation of love in our heart....Thr r various signals in ur heart nd mind tht tell u tht u r in love and u truely love someone....Yet dis age is still quite early to say tht d relationship will exist forever coz people chnge a lot till its time ready fr marriage.

  • It can exist.............. But it is the worst decision.

    Love in the young age can exist (my classmate is one of them that could prove it) but its not the wisest decision of love. Most of young people don't know what loving someone is........ They think its chasing a beautiful/handsome girl/boy until its all yours. But its really about what the heart says, about the right time and about the right person God dedicated for you. To enter love, you must know whats really the definition of love and its consequences...... Love in a young age could exist, But there is more things to know about love when you grow up.

  • Of course it does

    I feel that yes, love does exist no matter what age, but as a child we have not seen all those terrible romance movies that fill our head with what "love should be". In a way, child love is the purest form of love there is and obviously does exist. I mean, children get crushes. Children "fall in love"

  • I haven't encountered it yet, but I've seen it exists.

    I have not had any crushes thus far in life, up till the age of 13, and judging my academic focus I'm glad for that. However, I've seen many children at a somewhat disgustingly young age having crushes and even dates. Maybe it's just my lack of crushes that makes it look somewhat odd to me.

    Also, as always the question does not define what sort of love. Parent and child love certainly exists.

  • Age doesn't matter.

    If you love someone, no matter what your age is, it is still love. For example, there are a lot of people who fall in love with each other because they are childhood sweethearts, or maybe high school sweethearts. For me, we can't really tell if it is LOVE that we are feeling but, by just seeing young couples out there on the street makes me believe that young love really exist.

  • Depends on what you mean by both love and young age.

    If by love you mean a deep devotion and adoration for another person that will have you be selfless in their defense or support, and you mean a young age as in before they reach the age of majority, then I would say no to different parts at different stages.

    Infatuation is not love. Feeling good being around another person is not love. Lust is not love. If these things meet your litmus test for love, as opposed to like, appreciate, are attracted to, then we have very different definitions of love.

  • I'm saying no, but....

    I find the question very vague. 'Young age' could mean a lot of ages, with big differences between them. I think 0-12 doesn't really exist, i think it's either wanting to seem grown up or strong platonic feelings. I think above 12 could possibly exist, but whether teen dating is wise due to undeveloped brains is another discussion.

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