• It definitely does

    Many people say, oh no! Love cannot change people, it just makes them worry about their future and if they are going to make a break up or not. Well if you're going to worry, make a promise with him/her at the beginning that the relationship will survive. I am with my boyfriend, and I love him so much. He's so nice, caring, generous, handsome, and funny. He has changed me for a living. For my experiences, love changes you.

  • It really happens

    I know that everyone says you shouldn't change for love, just let them love you for you. That is what I always said. Now that I am with my boyfriend, I am a completely different person. Before we started dating I was a huge drama queen, but now I don't care what anyone thinks because I know that he loves me. And if he loves me, then why should I change. He changed me, made me a better person, and I love him for that. So, because of personal experiences I know that love really does change you.

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