Does Luke Bryan Have a better voice than Tim McGraw?

Asked by: Horse_Lover
  • Luke has the better voice

    Just because Luke has been around for less of a time than Tim has doesn't automatically mean that Luke has a worse voice. Luke has this sort of a twang to his voice that sounds amazing no matter what, and I feel that Tim has a voice thats just ok on some songs and horrible on others.

  • Yup:) he does

    I love Luke Bryan! Of course he does! Why not??? He's so cute though too. :) like my comment anyone! Comment to please! I want to know what you think of this comment. And argument!!! Haha LIKE IT UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! NOW-----> Please?? PLEASE i beg you! No really i do!

  • In his dreams!

    Both are great entertainers, but ... McGraw has the better voice & he is the best in overall talent. When Bryan has the awards, fans, platinum albums, etc. (or even half) that McGraw has, then we can seriously debate the two talents. Until then, Bryan remains in the number 2 position!

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Adam2 says2014-04-17T23:29:16.340
His cap is cool, otherwise I don't know much about this guy. In all honesty I don't even know Tim McGraw very well, despite having seen some of his movies.