• Yes it does.

    I think that Mad Men is a show that needs to be taken off of the air as soon as possible. It is a disgusting show that glorifies all kinds of awful behavior. Whether it be smoking cigarettes or beating women, it makes such actions seem like they are very cool.

  • In a way, it does.

    Although I don't believe it's intentional by the producers and writers that Mad Men glorifies violence against women, I believe that in a way, it does, because it is such a popular show, and popular things get emulated. Young people these days did not live through that era, and it may look appealing in some aspects, but it was horrid.

  • Yes, in a way.

    Mad men shows men and others creating violence and has many moments that are hard to look at or watch. I think it is possible in the long run to create a sense of, "used to seeing this", thought process where in the real world someone might not realize how cruel and bad it really is to do those acts.

  • What is the big deal??

    Humans weren't created equal. This show isn't going to make men start treating women bad. If it does, then that says something about the person they already were. It's annoying seeing people and their opinion that all should be treated the same. Well, that world will never happen. Sorry, not happening.

  • Historical Representation =/= Glorification

    Given the historical nature of the show's narrative, there are necessarily going to be scenes depicting the kinds of behaviors present in the time which we now know to be inappropriate and/or immoral. The show's most graphic depiction of female violence (Joan's rape scene) was far from a glorification, instead leading to a story arc for Joan wherein she shakes off the male chauvinism from her husband which had until then been simply implicit and/or mere sexual flattery from others.

  • No, Madmen is accurate historical fiction.

    Madmen certainly depicts violence against women in many scenes. However, I do not believe that it glorifies it. In particular, I am reminded of the time that Joan is raped by her fiancée/husband. That scene focuses entirely on Joan's experience and shows it as a negative event. The interactions among the characters of that show are representative of how sexist US culture was at that time. Watching the struggles of strong female characters like Joan and Peggy is a reminder of the importance of the women's rights movement. It comes at a time when current 20 and 30-somethings were too young to experience these changes first hand.

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