• Mail order does devalue

    Mail order communion is not the same as doing it in person. This should be a very personal and intimate activity that is very important. If a person does it by mail order, then they are probably just going through the motions and not really gaining the intended value from it.

  • Mail order holy communion devalue catholic faith ?

    I believe that it does devalue the catholic faith because you are clearly not going to practice your religion and the church is accepting the issue that you don't they just want you to help pay them, i think if you do communion by mail your not even a catholic.

  • Yes, communion needs to be shared in a ritual.

    I am not sure what mail order Holy Communion would entail, but one should not just be getting the consecrated wafer in the mail to partake of by oneself. There needs to be a communal aspect to communion, which is what it means. It is better to wait and get to church or have a home visit by a local pastor.

  • Yes Mail-Order Communion devalues the Catholic Faith

    This is a somewhat complicated question, and assumes that the Catholic faith is something that has value to begin with. Though I myself am neither a Christian nor a Catholic, I will assume for the sake of argument the Catholic faith none the less has value. Mail order communion is another form of modern world "advancement" which take away the mystique and meaningfulness of a religious ritual and transubstantiates it, to borrow a Catholic word, into a dead transaction. The process becomes more of an outward repetition than anything of religious significance.

  • devalue Catholic faith

    Only believe fact. Faith is believing something when you don't have proof. Personally, I only believe in fact. My parents told me there was a fat man by the name of Santa Claus who lives in the north pole and delivers presents to children on Christmas. Unfortunately, I believed it. Now, all these years later, I realized I had made a mistake by not looking at the logic.Many Generations ago, people believed in Adam and Eve. Today, even though some people still believe in them, we have scientific evidence that proves it wrong. You see this throughout history: People strongly believed something but were proved wrong by science, fact, and logic.

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