• Islam is obviously violent

    Flying planes into buildings and beheading people is hardly non-violent is it? While many Muslims will say Islam is not violent, sit them down and talk about Palestine / Israel - and watch their eyes turn red with rage, and you'll see the non-violent stuff is an act. Islam needs to either modernise, or be eradicated.

  • It's an unwritten rule.

    Yes, mainstream Islam promotes violence, because it says right in their religious documents that violence is expected. When there is violence, Muslims are seen on television cheering and clapping. They might give lip service to being against violence, but they really encourage it, and they are happy when Muslims hurt Christians.

  • Yes, modern Islam promotes violence.

    I definitely believe that mainstream Islam promotes violence. When you have countries around the Middle East that is dictated by Islam allow to treat women in such barbaric ways, how can people think otherwise. I think that Islam is run a lot by the ideals of violence and old school rhetoric.

  • Violence Is Not Holy

    I am not a scholar of Islam. However, as I understand it, there is no religion in the world that glorifies violence as the "right" thing to do. Some religions are certainly tolerant of violence, and many justify it in extreme circumstances. Islam, from what I understand, allows for a special case of circumstances during which violence is allowed. Barring those special circumstances, however, it frowns upon violence in just the same way as any other religion.

  • Frown Upon Violence

    Mainstream Islam frowns upon violence. I believe people have a hard time believing this, but it's important to remember that terrorists are extremists. Christianity also has extremists and they are often far removed from the typical Christian community. Christianity and Islam are not that far apart and the typical adherents aren't that different. Please educate yourself on the real Islam faith and the people who follow it, rather than associating everyone in this faith with a terrorist.

  • The extremists are misleading you.

    Mainstream Islam does not promote violence. It is only due to extremists that Islam gets a bad reputation. It is like others viewing Christians as extremists just because they have seen the Westboro Baptist Church on the news. There are extremists to any religion, but mainstream religion does not promote violence.

  • Mainstream Islam frowns upon violence.

    Mainstream Islam frowns upon violence. It is only the extremist members of Islam that promote violence. Muslim extremists are not in the mainstream Muslim society. Muslim extremists are a small margin of the Islamic population. Mainstream Muslims are peaceful and promote peace. Mainstream Muslims are sometimes wrongly perceived as violent.

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harrydz says2015-10-24T00:32:25.290
Your website's pathetic. It won't let me vote Yes.

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