• Yes, it does.

    Every other sport has implemented instant reply, so baseball should as well. I know baseball is an older sport and loves to cling to its roots and traditions, but umpires screwing calls up should not be a tradition that is held on to. Instant replay simply makes baseball a better sport.

  • Yes, instant replay is needed

    You can't have a modern age sport that doesn't have instant replay. Baseball is one of those sports where little things mean a lot. The average score is much lower and slower paced than most sports. If you can't dish out 5 minutes to a sport like that then whats the point of thinking your playing a real game?

  • Yes,Major League Baseball needs to implement instant replay.

    Yes,Major league baseball needs to implement instant replay.This would make the game much more relevant to the average fan who is much more technology savvy and would also like to make sure all the calls that the umpires made were as correct as they could be with the assistance of instant replay.

  • All the,other sport have the replay function

    Yes, I do believe that Major League Baseball need to adopt the instant replay function. Baseball sometimes move very fast and important issues that maybe missed during the play. This will give a judge a way to call a play correctly and not cheat one or the other team out of their win.

  • MLB Should Forget Instant Replay

    Baseball is already a slow paced game. Adding instant replay will make the game even slower. At a time when the league should be making sure games are under 21/2 hours, they are adding a rule that will add another few minutes onto each game. This is one reason why the popularity of baseball is decreasing.

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