• I think makeup does enhance confidence

    In my opinion, wearing makeup has helped me feel more beauty therefore making me feel more confident about myself. Why this is? I have no idea, but on days i don't wear makeup i just don't feel so good about myself, not to the point where i can't leave the house but to the point wear i don't feel as happy without it. I think I've become so use to seeing myself wearing makeup and looking so pretty that when i don't i don't feel like myself.

  • I will say why

    I don't really wear makeup
    all i can say is that me personally i can't be bothered but at the same time I feel a touch more confident. We have to Remember that SELF concept is from self esteem and self image. I feel that even tiny bit of mascara or whatever else can make you feel less conscious.
    Also because lots of girls wear it (in my experience) I almost feel that I should wear it too (by the way they don't pressure me).
    Makeup isn't the only thing that boosts confidence but i think it is a start to boosting your self image.
    When you feel you look good you feel good.

  • It depends who you are.

    For the most part, I think a lot of peoples confidence do increase when wearing makeup. Of course, lots of other people also prefer wearing no makeup, but honestly I don't really think it really matters whether or not you wear makeup, as long as your happy with your body.

  • Make up is a need

    I think as a women we really need to put some make up on ! Even only a little lipstick on your lips. It is still a make up tho. We put make up because we would like to feel pretty somehow it enhance our confidence level without our knowing . Peace ..

  • Yes, it does

    There are many groups that conducted a research or study that states that makeup truly gives a woman confidence.
    "Psychologists distinguish between trait and state self-esteem, a stable sense of confidence versus a transient boost. Grooming rituals can be temporary confidence boosters, and studies suggest that the confidence they inspire is itself attractive. In one study, men who had just sprayed themselves with a scented versus unscented product were judged more attractive by women who could not smell them. The men with scented body spray simply acted more confidently and thus appeared more visually attractive. "
    "Studies show that women with makeup are rated as more attractive and as better hires. That might actually be because they’re a little more confident."

  • Teenagers are pressure cooked

    I'm on facebook and i'm always worried about the pictures i posted "was the makeup right". It leads into pressure. It is not good for skin. Especially for children. It can have side- effects. It can make oyu have rashes. Then is looking good important or your own skin. It may get habits into you of doing makeup wherever you go. So getting into a habit is not correct so i totally support that makeup does not gains you confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes it does

    In the moment when they have makeup on, girls feel better about themselves.....Which is essentially the definition of confidence. Whether or not they feel confident about their face without makeup is irrelevant. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Makeup does enhance confidence but, not in a good way...

    In my opinion, makeup does enhance one's confidence but, not in a good way. The person who uses makeup believes that they're "ugly" and want to cover their face because they are embarrassed. Makeup may boost one's confidence, because they aren't their "ugly" self. The user feels like they are wearing a mask which prevents other people from seeing them. Since they feel they are "ugly," they depend on makeup to boost their self esteem and feel pretty. So yes, it does enhance a person's confidence but, it makes this person dependent on it because they feel ugly and/or want to look pretty.

  • Makeup is an art form!

    Assuming we are talking mainly about women, there is an issue. Women are set under impossible standards by men, and as soon as they fit those standards, they are ridiculed for being "fake," or "dumb." "You look beautiful without makeup" is a phrase that every woman will hear at some point in her lifetime. Yes, we know! Women are gorgeous, all the time! All of them! We don't put on makeup to please men, or to impress others. We're surrounded by men that just want to get in our pants; they're the last thing we need. We put on makeup just because we want to, and because it makes us feel good! Now shut up! You wouldn't know anyway!

  • Yes absolutly i guess

    I think wearing makeup boost confidence level.It makes us look good and if we look good we feel good.Usually girls which are not pretty have so much less confidence , they don't want to go outside of there room or being exposed in public because of there looks.However if they groom thereselves they can have confidence in themselves and they can become more and more social and have fun rather then hiding :)

  • It just hides the real you from the world

    Yes, make-up may make you look better and feel more prettier but it doesn't necessarily enhance confidence! In actual fact, make-up makes you less confident as it doesn't give people the chance to show people what they actually look like- and when there comes a day where they can't wear make-up (because of money, time,etc) they will be horrendously shy and afraid as they are 'uglier' than how people usually see them.

  • No, it replaces the true you with a false you.

    Putting on makeup is like putting on a mask to hide yourself from others. It doesn't boost confidence, just avoids being known as your true self. Women should be confident in their own looks rather create unrealistic standards. Not only does it lower self-confidence for themselves, but it also hurts self-confidence for others, them seeing unrealistic standards and thinking it's realistic.

  • It only sets an unrealistic standard.

    Makeup being work everyday definitely sets an inhuman standard of what females should look like on a daily basis. So this causes women to feel bad about the way they look without makeup. I believe makeup may be (get out the fool hats) a money scheme, or maybe even s control tactic , who knows what is in the makeup you put on your skin and clog your pores or even inhale. But maybe if women also didn't play into the whole using sexiness for advances in life or carreer they would not need make up. I could understand wearing makeup for maybe a special event, but on a day to day basis I would rather see a natural women; because that in fact is true confidence. NOT hiding your flaws behind a painting of powders and whatever gross things are in the makeup they test on animals and other things I'm sure.

  • Your personality creates confidence.

    You can be ugly, but what matters is on the inside and your personality, whether you are nice and helpful, matters the most. Make-up just creates a "false" identity and hides the real "you." Beauty is only skin deep, as they say. And your personality always matters the most in confidence.

  • Make up does not improve your confidence

    I think that everyone has the right to look like whatever they want, but when people where make up to assimilate and be like other people, I don't think that is okay. Some make up enhances your features or makes you more original, but honestly I think that if you are trying so hard to be your own person, then the person you are being isn't really you. Being you needs to come naturally to you, or else you are just someone else. I think that some people use make up to lie. You see plenty of make up tutorials online, and when people can virtually make themselves into another person.... Well, say you do that on a date. The person instantaneously falls in love with you, but its not really you that they fell in love with, right? That person is now in love with powder and lipstick and mascara, but not you. Most guys don't wear makeup, so they can't change how they look, but sometimes makeup can make a girl unconfined, she will start comparing how she looks to what she thinks she should look like, or how she looks when she wears makeup.

  • A confident person doesn't need makeup.

    You are beautiful, you don't need to hide behind your makeups.
    Anyway, I never use makeups.
    They only make me feel uncomfortable.(sticky)

    I need more words...
    Word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word word

  • Maybe but it shouldnt

    I had a female friend who always complained that guys would hit on her with no make up and sweatpants but she struggled at clubs. I said that if a guy likes the way you look without makeup, he knows he will like you with it. Doesn't always hold true the other way around. Also, twenty years of chemicals kills your skin until you are dependent. Minimal makeup and you'll look amazing when you are older. And put down the cigs. You'll look like a football when you are older. And for god sake never draw on an eyebrow.

  • Makeup is not YOU.

    You look different when you wear makeup. You don't look exactly like you. Also, if you're not used to wearing it, you'll feel different.
    Makeup is also rather vain. It makes you concentrate on what you look like. Your physical appearance is not always your true self.
    In addition to this, if you see people always wearing makeup and looking good because of it, you will hold yourself to that standard. You will start comparing yourself to others and having negative feelings about how you look. This could make you insecure, and insecurity is not a good feeling.
    Now please don't get me wrong.
    There's nothing wrong with a little blush, and some lipstick is totally OK. If you're going to a fancy place or something like that, then it's all right to wear a little makeup. Just don't overdo it.

  • It enhances your features, not necessarily your confidence

    It's true that when you look good you feel good, but there will be a day where you may have to go without makeup and these could be filled with anxiety and discomfort. I know people who say that they can't go out without makeup as they feel they can't face others without it. People are too afraid to leave their house without it. Cosmetics like makeup can make users uncomfortable in their own skin. Is that really confidence?

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itzel223 says2016-02-11T17:52:58.447
I know that some people take it to the extreme but no matter how much some people try the only way that they get confidence is to wear makeup.
Galacticat says2016-02-12T16:45:04.740
I cannot decide.. Makeup can be different things depending on who is wearing it. Some wear it to feel good. Some wear it because they're insecure. Some do both, some do this, some do that.

It really depends on the person.