Does makeup provoke low self-esteem in girls?

Asked by: Carolis
  • For some girls it does.

    Makeup for some ladies is as a result of low self-esteem. There are other girls who use it to accentuate their beauty though their beauty is not dependent on it. But there are others who feel intimidated and not attractive when there is no make up on their faces. Some wear makeup to belong, To cover what is on their skin, Or because they have thought that no one seems attracted to their natural face. Some wear it to compete, If there is no makeup the y feel they belong to the low class in the society or they are perceived to be poor.

  • "I'm ugly and stupid. "

    This is what a young girl says when they wear makeup and then one day they forget it. They feel uglier without the makeup. Imagine if you wear makeup every day and then you run out or forget it. You probably feel hideous, But maybe, Just maybe if you hadn't worn so much. Your face wouldn't be as pale. Makeup ruins self esteem as someone said previously it's a mask from your true facial features and identity.

  • Yes it does

    Yes it does provoke low self esteem in young girls and women it causes this because with out make up you feel less confident and not as worthy and some of the time it makes us lose money for $50 dollar products that we done need we are wasting money time and love for our selves.

  • Makeup's A Mask

    I think you should only wear makeup for fun, and that's why I wear it, but for many of my friends their self esteem is lowered because of it. Girls tend to use it to hide their face that they think is ugly, and replace it with a "prettier" one. I believe that girls shouldn't be pressured to wear makeup and it should only be used for fun.

  • Makeup- cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the Appearance.

    Makeup is used to highlight or change the appearance to be more attractive to the human eye and to boost self-esteem, but in reality while makeup does boost self esteem while its on, it lowers self-esteem when you take off your mask. Makeup leaves the impression that without it you have no beauty or less beauty. Makeup is a mask we use to hide our flaws and sometimes make ourselves feel better. Sometimes we wear makeup for ourselves. Either way it is bad for your self-esteem when it it comes to natural beauty whether you realize it or not.

  • Actually, it depends

    While it is true that makeup sometimes helps girls feel that they are more beautiful than they really are, there are also times when makeup does provoke low self-esteem. Take this for example: A beautiful model wears incredibly expensive makeup. Naturally, the girl who wants to become as beautiful as this model would want to buy that brand of makeup, yet she neither has the money nor a very tolerant skin for makeup. She would feel depressed and feel that she would never be as beautiful as her idolized model. So again: Actually, it depends on many factors

  • I feel it does.

    I feel makeup provokes self-esteem in a bad and good way. Makeup can make you feel good for those times when your out with your natural makeup and you get a compliment or you just feel good about yourself that day, its really makes you feel good. But when you don't wear makeup and you get negative comments or feel scared to look at people because you have no makeup, that's when makeup effects you in a negative way and lowers your self-esteem. I feel like women should feel comfortable enough with their faces to wear nothing and still have confidence to get through the day.

  • It is not good to wear makeup.

    Ladies that wear makeup have low self esteem. They wear makeup because they have self esteem issues and they don't think they can go outside without it. Or they think they are ugly unless they have on makeup. All symptoms of low self esteem. Let your natural beauty out and gain some self esteem.

  • Its a mask

    I would not want to live in a world where my daughter has to wear make up to feel pretty in public. This is the current world that we live in. You couldn't ask one girl to not wear makeup for a week or so in public, this is because they tell themselves they look ugly without it on.

  • Makeup lowers self esteem

    After wearing make up for so long, people forget what girls what their natural, naked faces looks like and say comments like, "You look sick! Are you okay?" Girls tend to feel pressured to wear makeup religiously after having started because a) they no longer feel beautiful without it b) are attacked if they go a day without it

  • It does the opposite!

    I am a 15 yo girl, And I can say wearing makeup makes me more confident, Because I like to feel like I made a difference to myself. And walking through the day, Just knowing “I got that mascara totally on POINT today” makes a difference in my smile, Laugh, Posture, And social ness. It makes girls also feel brace when they go out without makeup, I don’t feel judged, I feel admired. And I admire other girls when I see them without makeup because hey, SHE has self confidence! And girls don’t wear makeup to change their features, They wear it to ENHANCE them, Make them more noticeable. I also like to experiment, To try new things and find what works, Find out what I can do! Point is, I makes me feel better!

  • Makeup or low self esteem to me

    I feel like I'm ugly or stupid r I don't have the perfect body why because I don't have on make up I believe make up makes u look like a queen but still to me ppl puts on too much but I believe a lil make up makes a difference.

  • No, It does the opposite

    Makeup is not what most think it is, something to make you prettier or enhance your features, but for me it is an art material, and my face is the canvas. When I walk out of my home, I am so confident, in knowing that my face is a unique masterpiece. I used to leave my home, knowing that my skin has many discolorations, and that i have an acne breakout, but now that doesn't matter thanks to concealer and foundation.

  • For me it does the opposite.

    When I used to walk out of the house knowing that there was a big pimple on my face I feel like people are going to be staring at it all day I would look down and interact with people as little as possible. Now I use concealer in the mornings when I need to - along with a few other products just to accent my features - and i always feel confident speaking to people.

  • Makeup has nothing to do with someone's confidence

    It's a girl's choice if she wants to wear makeup or not. I believe that makeup can accentuate someone's good features and be used for them express themselves. What bad does a little mascara or blush do? Many people who are
    Someone's confidence is not defined by what she puts on her face, rather it is defined by their attitude and determination.

  • Makeup Can Make Some Feel Good About Themselves

    Reactions to anything vary by the individual, but makeup can certainly make some girls and women feel more attractive and better about themselves. If makeup makes a girl or woman feel bad about themselves, they have the choice not to buy or wear makeup. It is no longer a social norm for women to wear makeup, it is an individual choice, which is exactly what it should be.

  • No, it does not.

    Make up does not provoke low self esteem in girls. Girls like make up for many reasons, sure it makes them feel pretty and look nice, but that is not all there is. For many women it is like an art they enjoy creating new shades and finding great ways to bring out there inner beauty.

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