Does man have a right to colonize another planet already teeming with life?

Asked by: sodoff
  • OK all this human self-loathing crap has gone too far

    Us humans are clearly smarter than animals. I'm not saying we are better than them. But we can reason. Who's to say that there's something wrong with domesticating aliens? It's morally wrong to be cruel to them mind you. It's also morally wrong for humans to colonize and conquer other humans. But come on I think this self-loathing crap is annoying.

  • Rights are derived from our relationships with other human beings

    Hence any rights we grant to other beings is contingent upon human interests. Humanity first! If it serves our interests then we should go and colonize the other planet. Particularly if its just animal life. To avoid conflicts, war, and being branded as a race of monsters we should grant rights to species who have similar levels of mental acuity to ourselves.

  • Depending if we are peace full,how intelligent the life would be on that planet, if we don't Carrie bacteria to kill the life, viseversa ect...

    It is normal to explore and colonize animals have been doing it for hundreds of millions of years. For example specie (A) moves into specie (B) environment they ether try and kill each other or specie (A) adapts to the new environment or even becomes sync with the already existing residents. Now think we are part of the universe but more amazingly the universe is a part of us that gives us the right to take responsibility and maintain it.So we do have a right to colonize another planet already teeming with life.It depends if its the right choice.

  • It will eventually be a necessary course of action.

    An unfortunate truth about living on earth is that our resources here are limited. We will eventually have to spread out across the galaxy. While yes we should adapt and conform to the native planets ecosystem. But in return we need to respect the native peoples (if there are intelligent life forms on the planet). And learn from the mistakes of the past. For a better future.

  • It is the Future

    Colonization of another planet already teeming with intelligent life will be good for the planet. This other species could have access to greater technology and have more freedom to move around space. Assimilation of alien species into our world will create a prosperous future in which all cultures are respected.

    Posted by: NSur
  • Yes, we will be polite.

    Yes, a man has a right to colonize another planet already teeming with life, because there is no reason that the life there first is any more deserving than humans are. The humans should be very polite, and should try to adjust to the customs that are already in place in the country.

  • Yes, because they can

    Yes, man has the right to colonize another planet, but only if they can prove and actually do it. If they were to develop the technology to do so, then why not. As long as they're respectful of the already established teeming life and if they can adopt to cultural norms.

    Posted by: bk1
  • It depends on how they colonize it.

    By definition, colonization is "to create a colony in or on (a place)" (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). If we are using this definition, we are not implying how man will colonize this world which already is teeming with life. Take the colonization of the Americas for example. Although this was on Earth, this practically is an equivalent of colonizing a planet with established life forms. But what the colonizers did there was wrong. Instead of peacefully leaving the natives, they wiped them out by the millions.
    If man were able to peacefully colonize a planet already teeming with life, then yes, go for it. On the other hand, if they were to recreate what they did in the New World (The Americas), absolutely not.

    Posted by: Diet
  • It Will be best not to repeat our past, like the Spanish Inquisition that completely destroyed the native culture in Pre-Colombian America.

    If we do find a planet or an extra solar planet already teeming with life, we should not colonize it, we can observe it, or try to communicate with it (if it is advanced enough). I would still find it all right to create one or two scientific outposts on the planet, but no real settlement.

  • Of course not!

    Only THINKING about it means tat we regard ourselves as superior and that are arrogant, and therefore unworthy of claiming another planet. Mankind has already distroyed the lifes and ways of many species and even groups of fellow-humans! We've had our chance with earth, and we've messed it up. Let's not force our poisenous presence upon an innocent planet and its own life.

  • It's not correct.

    They can't claim a already claimed planet. I mean, look at the Native Americans. They claimed the land with their presence, but the English said they had no right to it because they had no document. Look how that turned out. The Native Americans rebelled and killed a HUGE amount of people, for their land, just because they didn't have paper. The aliens probably don't have paper, or anything related to humans at all

  • I think we still would but ethically it is wrong from a moral standpoint

    We would be entering territory that belongs to the native wildlife and perhaps even intelligent species. We could be bring disease and war with us. We could suffocate their resources like we are doing to our own planet.

    Even if it's only teeming with micro-organisms it's still kind of wrong as we are not giving the native alien biology a chance to establish their own future.

  • No, aliens won't take colonization kindly

    Imagine if someone you didn't know showed up to your house, kicked down the door, placed a flag in your living room, and claimed it as theirs? That's colonization. I imagine that any intelligent species would not appreciate things being taken from them. They will fight back. Human greediness is not worth the risk of inter-galactic war.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-15T23:51:43.807
Only if the life is non-sentient.

If there is sentient life, and if the society is advanced enough to communicate, then we should negotiate possible colonization. If the society isn't advanced enough to communicate, then we should put a small science colony down, but nothing invasive.