Does Marco Rubio have sufficient experience to be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate?

  • Obama severely lacked experience yet he still became President.

    Left wing supporters will constantly say that Rubio does not have the experience to be the next President of the United States. But what gave Obama the experience to be President. He served as a senator for only two years before running for president. Then with his various lies, media support, and charm, he managed to win over the much more experienced John McCain. To say Rubio, who has solid statements in his speeches and arguments and has plenty of experience to be the next President, does not have the experience to be President is a false statement vocalized by left wing pundits.

  • Marco rubio has experience to make him a valid Presidential candidate

    Marco rubio has been a member of the Republican party since 2011. This shows that he has been in and out of the political scene for over 4 years. Even big names like Alfredo Ortega have belief in the fact that he is what the country needs purely based on merit.

  • Experience versus Ganas

    Yes and no. I was going to say that four years as a junior Senator - especially from a state where there is an intense competitor - is not enough experience. Yet Obama did it, and the American people loved him for it at first. Contrary to common sense, experience may not be what we all want right now. We are tired of the usual political harangues, sick of the established and elite, and bored with politicians who speak about immigration and other minimalistic policy concerns. Poverty and corruption issues might excite us in a contest where flash and charisma, if backed by substance, could upset long-established routines. What has always governed the Presidential race -- experience and solid footing -- seems to be missing. Surprises may now be what could win.

  • No, Marco Rubio is not a serious presidential candidate.

    To date, Marco Rubio's claim to fame is drinking lots of water during a speech. Comedians poked so much fun at him, he'll have a hard time getting past that for a while. Rubio is not particularly charismatic, and he's behind in all the party polls. Republicans don't take him seriously, why should the rest of the country? He's a first term senator who needs more experience in Washington before he mounts a presidential bid.

  • No, Marco Rubio doesn't have experience for presidency

    I don't believe Marco Rubio has sufficient experience to be good presidential candidate and I don't think he would be taken serious by American voters. He is still young and he should wait with his candidacy until he becomes more experienced. I think Americans in general prefer someone more mature.

  • No, Rubio lacks conviction.

    Rubio was for immigration reform before he was against it. His tea party buddies will drive the policies. He has no back bone and when he speaks, he tries to be more than he is. Just be yourself and acknowledge you are a pawn for the right wing wack jobs.

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