Does Marijuana Use Permanently Damage the Human Brain?

  • So Does Smoking Tobacco, Drinking Alcohol

    Marijuana damages the brain every time you use it, although in a very small amount. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol also kills brain cells, but in very small amounts with just a single use. Over time with repeated use, all three of these drugs will permanently damage the brain because of the harsh chemical substances found in marijuana, tobacco and alcohol.

  • Doesn't It Kill Brain Cells

    I had always heard that marijuana killed brain cells to a certain degree or possibly made people a little more dense, as far as reactions and so on. Regardless of these downfalls, it doesn't severely damage the human brain, which would be far worse. There are many things in our world that damage the human body or the human brain, but we can't make them all illegal.

  • Yes, there is scientific evidence.

    Yes, marijuana use permanently damages the human brain, because studies have shown that marijuana use creates holes in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for memory. It makes sense that people who use marijuana have poor memories. Spiders who are given marijuana have problems finishing their webs. This is consistent.

  • I don’t believe that marijuana use permanently damages the human brain.

    I don’t believe that marijuana use permanently damages the
    human brain. If you don’t believe me,
    just take a look at all of the artists who have used marijuana for decades and
    yet still have the use of their intellectual faculties. Take for example Cheech and Chong. They smoked marijuana for decades, and they’re

  • Marijuana use does not permanently damage the human brain.

    There is no evidence to suggest that marijuana use permanently damages the human brain. In fact, some research currently being conducted on lab mice demonstrated significant improvement in the function of brain damaged mice as the result of regular marijuana use. So it may be that not only does marijuana not permanently damage the human brain but actually improves its health.

  • Only if you bump into something

    Marijuana use has not been shown to cause any alarming degree of permanent damage to the human brain any more than any other common items we ingest. It certainly has not been shown to cause the damage such as nicotine and alcohol do. There are probably chemicals in it that would cause damage if over indulged but that is to be expected of anything we partake.

  • No, but it sure does make you look stupid.

    I've probably spent more time around regular marijuana users than anyone else here, seeing as how i operated a medical marijuana dispensary in California before it was even legal to do so (per state law). While I think that marijuana should be one hundred percent legal, and that there is no permanent damage to brain function, but while you are using it you are definitely considered impaired.

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