Does marketing with a social conscience give brands a human face?

  • Socially or not: it has humanity.

    It doesn't really matter if it is social conscience or not. What we are doing here is to look for people who can become our customers. That can be done in a way that touches the hearts of the people out there. Besides that, as far we are talking about the point of getting a human face for the brands, it does provide them a human face.
    I would now get reminded of vikrant massey everytime I'd think of nescafe or deepika padukone everytime there's something related to tanishq and its jewels going on in my mind.
    I agree that social conscience gives a human face to the brands.

  • Social Conscience Means Less Commercialism

    Marketing with a social conscience means less in-your-face advertising as brands try to put some humanity behind the products they sell. A makeup company that shows naturally beautiful and normal-sized women is one example. Green companies that only have online ads is another way to be socially conscience with marketing. There are many ways to do this and still be a viable company.

  • No matter how you serve it up, it's still marketing

    Marketing is always looking for an angle to make itself palatable. It has to, because apparently it's human nature to reject marketing and we constantly become more savvy about how it's being forced on us. So now the trend is "social conscience" in which companies and their brands want to convince us they care, they really care, about the environment, social justice, dogs, whatever. It doesn't give brands a human face, because they've never had a human face to begin with. It's just another marketing ploy to exploit for a few months until we all become jaded by it and they're on to the next thing.

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