• No one knows

    We have heard about stories that God wanted to blow the trumpet to end the world then Jesus begged and God told the angels not to blow the trumpet anymore. People give time but see we are still here I don't think Christ will come before 2020 or now.


  • Bible is misinterpreted

    Matthew 24:33 does not assure us that Christ must return before 2020 simply because the bible is frequently misinterpreted and misread. A lot of people came to the conclusion that christ was returning in 2012 and obviously that didnt happen. I think that when the time is right Christ will return but the bible never says a specific day or year.

  • Christs return date is not known by man.

    According to biblical scripture the return of Christ is not known by any man, living or dead. It is insisted upon in the bible that "no man will know when he returns, no the hour, not the day". So with that in my mind I do not believe Matthew 24:33 insists any such thing.

  • Bible says you won't be able to predict it, and not to try (24:36)

    Anyone who does is going against their own god.

    Granted, the bible also seems to state that christ will come back in the lifetime of the people of the new testament (24:33)... And didn't.

    Prediction was unreliable, so why believe any of the rest? Or maybe Christ came back, and none of us were chosen, lol!

  • No one knows

    No I don't think that anyone knows the time out hour. I think we can have a pretty good idea of the estimate bit nope no one knows. There have always been people who give time and we are still here so they have all been wrong so far, likely it won't be centuries still


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