• Media has a negative effect on morals, particularly those of young people.

    Contemporary media focuses an unhealthy amount of its coverage on pop culture and celebrity, rather than news. The message that is sent to young people is that being beautiful and rich are the most important things in life, and it's okay to misbehave in the name of those things. Because very little media emphasis focuses on philanthropic principles, young people have become very entitled.

  • The Media is all about opinion

    The media is about opinion. It doesn't just tell the facts, it says whether something is right or wrong and that is based on it's society views. For example, if someone is alleged to have committed sexual abuse, it will be deemed wrong by the media (and I for one completely agree with this). And as the media is all around us, it influences us so much and so now we deem sexual abuse wrong. The media reflects society's views, and as we are so easily influenced by it, we are easily conformed to their view.

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