• Yes it is

    Because now a lot of people who really don't know how to really got interaction on other people properly, the most sad part is, now a lot of person don't really know moral value because of social media. They supposed to change it to Anti Social, not Social media,it is not fit at all. Thanks.

  • Call it a 75 yes 25 no

    Being a person of the generation that this question is probably targeting, I can say for a fact that being more anti-social, more "I keep to myself" is definitely a characteristic that's "in". I notice it more in girls. Today, it is considered normal, and in some ways, comical to stay inside all day without much interaction. Most laugh it off. With that also comes the whole being dismissive of other people type attitude. I believe that without the media, this wouldn't all be absent, but I definitely believe that less people would take part in it.

  • It depends on your personality

    The media can't change your way of thinking. Being anti-social is most commonly portrayed by people with intrapersonal intelligences. It's the best way for them to think, so that encourages them to continue their lifestyles in that manner. Social Media, if anything like said before, brings people together rather than drifting apart.

  • No, quite the opposite.

    Media encourages you to have friends these days, and in fact gives you many more mediums to do that with, implying that media is against social behavior is almost as stupid as implying that math is against you learning the alphabet. Okay, not that stupid but there is a fifty word minimum here, so don't blame me, but yeah, it's really stupid to say the media promotes antisocial behavior.

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thesilentgirl says2015-05-02T12:09:03.380
Well true love is always there...We just need time and ways to find it but sometimes it will eventually come to us :D