• Yes it does

    Yes, I think that this has a big deal with the increase in social media that we are having in this country. I think that this is what is having all of the social media sites to be so huge and popular, such as things like twitter and also facebook.

  • Yes, it does.

    I do think that media consolidation contributed to the increase in social media. The reason is because people came to realize how ridiculous traditional media outlets had become and started waiting to share ideas and push back against the nonsense spewed forth from their televisions. Problem is is that people on social media platforms are also terrible.

  • Yes,media consolidation does contribute to the increase in social media.

    Yes,media consolidation does contribute to the increase in social media.People that want to keep updated must turn to social media because the corporate news organizations tend to only look at one side of the story which tends to be the corporate side instead of maintaining a sense of neutrality which the media should do.

  • Social media explodes on its own.

    No, social media consolidation does not contribute to the increase in social media, because social media is something that has exploded on its own. Social media did not fill a void that was left behind by fewer media outlets. Rather, social media gave each person their own voice to send into cyberspace. They are separate issues.

  • No, it creates corrupt media.

    If there are less and less tv stations, and therefore less and less contributors to the news, we will have no mix of news stories and will be stuck with one station. This is poor, because when one media company buys out another it will make people upset in the end.

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