• Yes, I think he is too old

    When your girlfriend is younger than your children...I know she will be well taken care of financially, but I wonder if being one of many "baby mommas" is worth the money? I feel like I'd rather be with someone who could be a good partner than a cash machine. I don't know their relationship but a much older man who has sewn his wild oats so widely doesn't seem like he's the prime candidate when looking for a family man. He also has a temper as we know.

  • Too many is too hard.

    A person shouldn't have more kids than they have people in the family to drive them around. When a person has a lot of kids, their resources for each child gets diluted. It's too hard to take each one to practice and to lessons, so the kids end up getting nothing.

  • Mel Gibson does not have too many children

    Anyone having children should consider if they are able to financially support them as well as LOVE and guide them. Obviously, finances are not a question regarding Mr Gibson, but raising children is not limited to clothing and feeding them. Children require a commitment from their guardians to love them, teach them as they grow, and provide a presence in their lives as a positive role model (which is NOT an isolated event) over time, through thick and thin times. How can anyone sit and judge others as to what the number of children should or should not be? Anyone can produce children, but are they able to be there for them as they transition into adults? That is the true question. From reading some of the comments, Mr Gibson has been a hands on father which is all anyone can ask of their parents: be involved, love them, and provide the basic needs I life, not the “wants”.

  • Why should it be not ok...

    It definitely OK. There's no such thing as having too many kids. If that's the amount they want, then so be it. There's no law against having an amount of kids, no one should tell her not to. It may be hard, yet again it's still her decision. Maybe she enjoys it anyway.

  • No, Mel Gibson does not have too many kids.

    Mel Gibson may have many children, and maybe they're with multiple females, but he is rich enough to support each and ever child he has. Financially, he is more than equipped to provide for each of his children so they each can lead a comfortable life. whether he has enough time to personally devote to each child in order to ensure he is a decent fother figure is entirely up to Mel Gibson.

  • No, big family is good.

    There is nothing like too many kids, Mel Gibson is comfortable with the number of kids he has and so should everyone else. In modern day, getting more than three kids is seen as uncivilized but that should not be the case. If one is capable of taking care of those kids, then well and good, bring them!

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