Does Michelle Obama have the right to tell our children what they can and cannot eat?

Asked by: ashleynitchals
  • It's a free country

    Well, of course. Most Americans believe that a citizen has the right to say pretty much anything. If the First Lady wants to point out that American children suffer from some preventable disease (in this case obesity) to a greater degree than children of any other nation, that is perfectly in keeping with the traditional role of her office.....Why? Is Fox News freaking out about black women with an opinion again?

  • It would be somewhat hypocritical for her not to.

    In the United States, we have the freedom to say what we want (aside from causing panic). It would be quite, oh how should I put this... Absurd... Hypocritical... Contradictory perhaps for the wife of the President of the United States of America to have her freedom of speech restricted.

  • Its not the government making a law she's just the 1st lady

    When the first lady encourages kids to eat there vegetables its not a Nazi plot or an Orwellian nightmare. The opinion of someone with a bi of fame suggesting a commonly accepted thing i.E. Vegetables are healthy for children vs candy and soft drinks shouldn't be a a call for the freedom fighters unless you are so deluded by hatred to miss the fact its the same thing almost every responsible parent with access to foods has said at some point!

  • No way never

    No where in the constitution did it say she has the power it should be the local governments choice plus look what she did already she got the kids to declare war on her some schools can't keep up with the trash I don't blame the kids the food is nasty

  • No Means No

    While Michelle does have the right to voice her opinion, individuals have their own right for their autonomy to be respected. Considering how the Left has tended to advocate for the right to personal choice on other matters, such as abortion, it is interesting that the same choice-loving attitude does not extend to lunchtime matters. The fact of the matter is that this administration has gone much too far on far too much as it is. Perhaps if the same effort was applied to running this country as it has been to planning children's meals, then this country might be in better shape than it is. This is just yet another aspect of Americans' lives for the government to attempt to micromanage. Free speech is on its way down the toilet, the second amendment is about to be smashed just like the rest of the Constitution, and now the government is attempting to tell my children what they can and cannot eat. All of this leaves me to wonder what on earth is next? As the Constitution continues to be shredded piece by piece and personal freedoms are vanishing one by one, I cringe to think of where this country will be in 50 years at this rate. While it seems relatively benign, this is about far more than a simple children's lunch. It's about an all-consuming power trip that recognizes no limits and knows no bounds. It is unquenchable at best. Today it's the lunches. Tomorrow it will be something else. What's next? A government agent accompanying me to the bathroom to make sure I'm wiping correctly? Sadly, I'm only being somewhat facetious. As far as I'm concerned, however, Michelle's efforts would be better served by offering her husband a hand on running the country. Based on the looks of things, he sure could use the help.

  • She isnt even qualified

    She has no degree in nutrition. She has no qualifications to make her able to make these decisions. Honestly she is so stupid. Its america for christs sake stop telling us what we can or cant do if we choose to eat candy for lunch thats our choice to make. The government is not our parents

  • Not fare food

    It's a free country . At most schools we cant even eat gravy and yet she lets us have beef hamburgers . Which i think that have more calories in them . We also cant have salt because of that some kids at my school end up bringing there own salt .

  • Why Not Let Parents DECIDE?!?!

    Michelle Obama shouldn't be able to tell us what to eat, our parents should. We may be obese country but we also should have freedom and choices to what we should eat and not let some women tell us what we can and cannot eat. Why does she care about what we eat if she is not gonna eat it

  • No not her job

    Because she doesn't have to eat it everyday. Plus her kids probably never eat it. Our school foods are supposed to be healthy and i think that if you sqease the grease out you have a 10oz. Drink of grease. Plus why does she just get to walk in and act like king of the hill and decide for us. This is a free country and its our choice

  • Not at all

    Lunch for some people is the only meal they see and all our school is doing is making it smaller. Michelle doesn't have any authority whatsoever anyways, well atleast she shouldn't. She's married to the president but that doesn't give her the right to starve the children of the nation. Again we are paying even more for less amounts of food and this is completely ludicrous and will help no children because the obese one's will just bring junk food from home.

  • She's not an elected official

    It doesn't matter what her intent is. She does not have the authority to institute anything. Liberals typically believe that the people are incapable of making decisions for themselves and someone from the government needs to step in and take over. Sadly too few realize she isn't an official .

  • Freedom of Americans

    I don't believe Michelle Obama or anyone else has the right to tell OUR children what they can or cannot eat. I believe she has their best interest at heart, but it isn't very realistic. I've seen the changes in school environments and just because they change the menu of what the kids are allowed to be served, doesn't mean they eat any better. I've seen my own kids just plain NOT eat and I don't think that is any better then at least letting them have foods they like and at least get some nourishment out of them.

  • But she can

    She doesn't have the right to tell our children what they can and cannot eat. She can't control what our kids decide to do. But she can advise children what to eat and what not to eat. She can't tell our kids on what to do, but she is allowed the right to convince kids and give opinions on what goes through our children's bodies.

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