Does Michelle Obama portray the characteristics and behaviors that Americans expect from their First Lady?

  • She is a Hero

    Michelle Obama is a hero to our society. She helps people that are in need or people that don't need as much. She is the most inspiring person you can meet! She's confident, Smart, And compassionate about everything she does, And that's what makes a first lady! Thank you! :D

  • That's Why She Is First Lady

    Michelle is inspiring, Compassionate, Confident, Powerful, Honest, And graceful to all human beings. She also left her law firm in 1991 to help doctors volunteer to help the poor. She had pushed away the time on her hands to help others in need and even the ones that aren't in need.

  • Yes Mrs. Obama does portray the characteristics American expect from the First Lady.

    Yes Mrs. Michelle Obama is an excellent example of what Americans expect the First Lady to be. She's intelligent, educated, articulate and family oriented. As a mother she, and the President, have raised two young ladies that are smart, have family values instilled in them and are driven to be successful.

  • When she showes effort and when people can see; ofcourse she does.

    I've seen her many times on different TV programs, programs like: How to plant and fertilize, teaching little children and reading books for them, helping charities, supporting demo crating political parties, and so on... These are all good reasons to prove that she deserves to have the nick name of "First Lady" and her behavior fits to portray a presidential family.

  • Yes, Michelle Obama is the quintessential First Lady.

    I think Michelle Obama was made to be First Lady. She is well educated and an asset to the President due to her activities regarding childhood education and obesity. She is confident and poised when speaking to the media. She has the correct demeanor and personality when dealing with dignitaries. She keeps fit and is a stunningly beautiful woman.

  • Yes She Does

    I believe Michelle Obama does portray the characteristics and behaviors that Americans expect from their First Lady. I believe Michelle Obama has selected some very important elements to focus on with regards to American society and she's made some lasting changes. She's certainly not as vocal as some our other First Lady's, but I think she's set a great example.

  • Mrs. Obama is being a traditional first lady.

    Michelle Obama portrays the characteristics and behaviors that Americans expect from their First Lady. She has her own causes, like nutrition, that do not hinder the President's image. She also stays more so in a low-key spousal position, which is what a first lady should do, since she is the wife.

  • That's a dude

    Did you see that dong flopping in her white pants on tv?
    How can you have a First Lady, who isn't even a lady?
    It's shameful what this world has become. Her husband is a liar, she is a liar, and her marriage is a sham for the media. That is a man, her floppy dong proves it 100%

  • No she is using her status as First Lady to promote her own agenda.

    I hold the First Lady to a higher standard of behavior, especially in public. She enjoys being on television but there are other ways to publicize health rather than dancing on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She can do this all she wants once she's out of the White House. I expect the first lady to represent the United States of America with class and dignity.

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