Does Michio Kaku deserve an official and significant lifetime achievement recognition for his vast efforts in proliferating science?

  • Lots of work

    Yes, he has spend a long time studying and working to popularize science and get the general public to be interested in the scientific studies that are going on today. He has done a lot for all scientists, by helping the public relate to the work that they try to complete.

  • Yes, he definitely does

    Michio Kaku is one of the current key people encouraging an interest in science among the general population. He is able to simply explain even the most complex things and should be recognized for expanding people's understanding of science. His methods of making science approachable should be recognized and rewarded.

  • He has popularized it.

    Yes, Michio Kaku deserves an official and significant lifetime achievement recognition for his efforts in science, because he has done so much more than the typical scientist. Kaku is a theoretical physicist and futurist, but he has not lost his connection with the common man. He has served both the common aspects of making science accessible, and theoretical work. He deserves recognition for his efforts.

  • Yes, Michio Kaku deserves an official lifetime achievement award for his work.

    Michio Kaku has spent his life making science and scientific achievements accessible to laypeople. His personality and style of communication are very effective at getting people to understand scientific achievements and scientific concepts that they might not otherwise be able to understand. This significant accomplishment helps further scientific progress as he helps build acceptance within the general population for both public and private funding for future scientific endeavors. He is one of the very few scientists that have been able to do this, and he certainly deserves recognition for this achievement.

  • Dr. Michio Kaku Makes Science Accessible

    Dr. Michio Kaku has made science accessible to the common people by explaining complex concepts in understandable ways. His presentation and style both lend to a better understanding of science. Dr. Kaku easily inspires elementary and college kids to explore science further with exciting concepts that link the outer reaches of the universe with the inner depths of the human brain. No one else, not even Stephen Hawking, can do that.

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