• Democracy in the Mideast is good for the the region overall but it will complicate diplomacy.

    The Mideast is a complicated region. As democracy in the Mideast progresses it will unleash a wave of competing interests that want to be heard. Interests that were held back by authoritative regimes will now be free to voice opinions and compete for power. Foreign powers will have their work cut out for them as they try to figure out who will be the winners and losers, and who will truly represent democratic principles.

  • Yes, but democracy is messy by nature.

    Reform and democracy take time to take hold, so after the Arab Spring, there is a fair amount of uncertainty as new governments get their footing. And sometimes the powers in the West may not like the policies that are being pursued. But our obligation is to be diplomatic and reach out to solve problems, knowing that the trend toward democracy and away from autocratic rule is a positive one, even when it makes our job less predictable.

  • In the short term yes, overall probably not

    Having a hand in bringing diplomacy to the Mideast will pay off in the long run. Diplomacy isn't overly effective until there are established leaders with which to conduct it with, and the United States is still looked upon bitterly by many. However, when the dust settles, I believe this country will be on the right side of history in many of these cases, which should be favorable for diplomacy in the future.

  • No it's a chance to show diplomacy

    Sure things in the Mideast are difficult to deal with, there are so many people wanting different things fighting over ground and over their views of how life should be lead.

    But that is a chance to show diplomacy not to run away from it, we need to show them how they are alike and want what is best for their own families.

    Clinton just did a great job with HAMAS and Israel because she stepped in and was a peacekeeper not someone that ran away from the problem at hand.

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