• An interesting turn of events

    Can Miley not twerk at all? Or is it she just doesn't have enough booty meat. If she had a big bubble butt, what would it look like then? In my opinion, she twerks better than Nicki Minaj. All she does is bounce that plastic up and down. Miley is actually moving, it just looks disgusting because she has no ass. Mindboggling

  • Miley can definitely twerk

    Yes Miley Cyrus definitely knows how to twerk. It is her music videos that really started the twerking fad. She may not have meant to start the fad or create the term but there is no doubt that she knows how to twerk. Everyone else is copying her moves by twerking.

  • Twerk Team anyone?

    Twerk Team has more say since they made twerking popular circa 2009, Miley is not the twerk authority some people purport her to be, she didn't start it, so she is to be judged by the original. But since I can only provide my opinion, I don't think she really does, otherwise, she'd be crediting Twerk Team

  • She does not.

    She dont have a big enough bootay. To be able to twerk you need a big booty and if you don't then it is impossible to bounce your booty if you ain't got none. All tshe is doing is moving her legs to make it seem like she knows how to twerk. Nuff said

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