• Area,Perimeter,and Archetecture in Minecraft

    If you were to build a house In survival, you need to know how many blocks you need, in that case, you need to make a frame and find the area. When you build a house or other buildings you may need to find the perimeter so you can find or make the space. Lastly Archetecture, in many cases people say if you can imagine it, you can build it. In creative you must make sure that the house is designed properly otherwise it turns out not so great.

  • I can think of 2 reasons

    First reason is redstone. It's a component in the game that is similar to electrical currents. It has distinct differences, but in the game, one can figure out how to use the very simple rules of redstone components to make complex contraptions. So in the realm of logic (logic gates) it can be a learning experience and an enjoyable one! Also, it helps develop creativity and imagination. While you can't really teach that stuff, Minecraft can still provide an opportunity to develop those areas more

  • Yes, very definitely

    Minecraft can be used to teach distances. Using conversion rates, they would have to convert X amount of blocks, where 1 block is 1 meter, to miles or something of the sort. It could also teach architecture, since you can build practically anything in Minecraft. Additionally, imagination and creativity could be sparked by playing a game where almost everything is possible.

  • Teaches patience and architectural skills.

    It will teach the students to finish a project and hold patience. I agree due to the fact it is a thing i used not only to teach discipline and patience, but it game me imaginative skills that i used to later better my home life. It allows you to work as a team and a family.

  • Of course it is

    In this game,u can literally do anything,even building,to enhance the imagination/creativity of kids' minds.For those who say that minecraft has no educational value,play the game for yourself before u comment.Also,in this game,there is no story,so people(including kids) can make up your own story,which also enhances the educational effect of this game

  • I fear that the absence of real constraints limits the value of the experience in educational terms

    Rewarding human activities and pastimes routinely involve boundaries, constraints and challenges that require patience, practice and improving skills to overcome. I acknowledge that mine craft requires patience but so does painting a wall white. Frequently the worlds created flaunt the fundamental laws of architecture, these worlds may let the imagination soar, but boundless meandering, subject to no realistic limitations emphasizes imagination at the expense of other skills.

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