Does Mitt Romney's business experience make him a better candidate for President?

  • Yes

    It gives him an advantage of the real world experience. There is nothing like the experience of the real world and what happens if you are not getting your job done. Just like any job there should be a chance to inject new and exciting ideas and he could bring that to America.

  • Of course Romney's business experience makes him a better candidate for President.

    There is little experience in the world that would NOT make someone a better candidate for president. Business experience is among the more prominent and desired experience in a presidential candidate. There is certain knowledge and business-related wisdom that can only come from long term personal experience in corporate America, such as the intricacies in relationships between various economic entities, corporate loopholes, and foreign trade.

  • No it does not

    This is a country not a business and clearly it did not make him a better governor so why would it for president running a country is't all about making money is is about understanding relations between countries and when to take the right action and we clearly have a president who can do that

  • A good businessman doesn't make a good leader

    Running a country is much different than running a business. Some superficial skills may be the same, but the main responsibility of the leader of a business is to ensure the business is successful and makes money, whereas a national leader is less concerned with profit and more concerned with keeping the population safe and prosperous. The two skill sets have some common traits, but also enough differences that the benefits of a businessman being in office are negligible.

  • Of Course Not.

    Our country should not be run like a business. It needs to be run for the good of the people not for profit. While his business experience is useful, it doesn't make him a better candidate. It says nothing about his ability to create good policies or handle Congress. Honestly I am scared to have a businessman as president.

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