• Absolutely

    The steroid era of baseball is still very much active. Large groups of players who still are active in baseball are continually being implicated in steroid controversies. The Major Baseball League has nothing to lose by increasing the testing for steroids in all players. It would do a lot to regain credibility for the sport.

  • Yes, Test Them All

    We keep hearing about how professional baseball players and other athletes, have been doing drugs and using steroids for years. They never seem to get caught doing it. It just comes out ten or twenty years later. We should just test all the players and have more rigorous rules to catch them out.

  • They Need More

    Major League Baseball needs more steroid testing. We are still hearing about allegations and players being connected to steroids. MLB needs to do their job and clean the game up. This has been an eye sore for almost a decade now and they need to get it together and do what is right.

  • Yes, We Should Set An Example for Our Kids

    The MLB should have regular checks to make sure its athletes are following all the rules of the league. Major League Baseball is such a huge part of American culture and society that I don't think it's a stretch to say that these men are role models for our children. Many look up to baseball players and strive to be like them. We should be testing them for steroids to ensure they are playing the game fairly and within the rules.

  • NO!

    I feel there are the right amount of steroid tests. But the thing that will drive them away from steroids is a larger suspension AND fine making them scared to get caught. Clearly the amount of drug tests isn't the problem. With a bigger punishment the MLB would be a cleaner league than it is now.

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