• Mobile technology does affect student education.

    Mobile technology does affect student education. Technology like a tablet or a smart phone allows for students to communicate with others faster than ever imagined. This could be a detriment and a benefit to the education of children today. Many teachers use this mobile technology as a tool in their classes to help the students understand the material better.

  • Mobile technology has both positive and negative effects on education.

    On the downside, mobile phones are a huge distraction in class or while studying. It's also usually less of an interruption to the user than anyone else in the class. Alternatively though mobile advancements are making information for students much more available, including even free college courses online that can be taken on your phone. These advancements also make learning more interactive, when a user has to input a question in a system instead of just look it up in a textbook there are better memory developments for long-term brain activity.

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