Does modern airport security protocol violate personal privacy?

  • Yes, the percentages say it all.

    Yes, the percentages say it all, 39% agree up to now and probably these 39% have felt their personal privacy has been violated by security personnel at airports. The 61% probably have not had the personal humiliation. I should say that 39% abuse is far too high and is a good reason for reviewing airport security measures.

  • In many cases it does.

    Seriously they touch five year old girls and 70 year old people in wheelchairs (made the poor guy remove his fake hip and miss his flight); this has gone way to far! And its all because of Bush and then Obama stepped his limits and made it even worse!! Ronald Reagan would have a huge fit over this and he'd do what's right!

  • Our country is turning into a police state.

    Modern airport security absolutely violates personal privacy. Many airports use "naked image" body scanners. This is clearly not necessary to use on a passenger not deemed suspicious. It's ironic that profiling is deemed unfair yet it's ok to basically strip search innocent travelers including children and the elderly. Often passengers are treated in a rude, impatient manner as if they are incarcerated prisoners. Security said that they detected a small amount of glitter on my jeans. They physically removed me to another area and proceeded to "swab" my hands and feed the sample into a nearby machine. They did all this without asking me if they could take a sample from my hands or explaining themselves. We must not give up our freedom under the guise of safety. How many rights will we give up for "protection"?

  • 9/11 was commited with only utility knives.

    American tax payers are paying for scanners that are owned by people who lobby for the head of home land defense. Look at the history of U.S. aircrafts being blown up by bombs on people versus the statistics of a scanner not detecting a high grade plastic explosive, something a real terrorist would use, and you will find the former low and the latter high, they clearly arent doing this for protection either because now if you get a express pass you get to go through quicker, its elitism. The airport cops are the only actual law authority, the TSA workers are just normal people given alot of power, like metermaids.

    Posted by: Wake
  • I believe that modern airport security protocol violates personal privacy, because they, at times, involve removal of clothing.

    Modern airport security protocols often involve removal of articles of clothing, pat downs, and even x-ray scans. These are in violation of personal privacy, because they involve unwarranted and unwanted touching and viewing. Airport travelers must undergo scrutiny, which would not be allowed in any other setting, unless a person is under arrest. These protocols do not help protect American citizens, and only hinder business and airplane travel.

    Posted by: GlossyCyrus79
  • Yes, I agree that modern airport security violates personal privacy and our sense of modesty, because it just goes way too far.

    Modern airport security is nothing more than a legal peep show and grope. These "security" personnel are not highly trained specialists that understand our need for privacy and modesty. If someone touched you on the subway in the manner that these "officers" do at airport security checkpoints, they would be in jail for lewd conduct or sexual assault.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • Full body scans are not fool-proof, just excessive screening

    Full body scans do not stop the decades old method of smuggling items in body cavities. They just force a potential terrorist to use these types of methods, and force the rest of us to participate in pornography as well as undergo an unnecessary dose of radiation.

  • Supporters are all strawmen, and hyperbole, little fact.

    IMO, it is those blindly supporting these measures, creating the smokescreens like "Too often this is used as a smoke screen by those who are unable to provide better security for passengers using the tools already at their fingertips and keystrokes. "

    Come on, you don't need to have an alternative to see a problem with a method, nor does not making an alternative negate the point being brought up.

  • In my opinion, modern airport security violates privacy.

    Some years back, people used to travel through the air with ease. With the advancements in almost all fields of life, the security has dropped to a abysmal extent. People are asked to take off their clothes and nude checks are done. Women are not respected either. Everyone is seen as if he is a terrorist. So, I declare it to be an extreme violation!

    Posted by: R0d30Stam
  • I believe they violate personal privacy.

    Security rules like full scanning of a persons body and metal detection, especially when most persons have metal material in their clothing, exploit the personal privacy of a person. Also, when you have to open all your personal belongings against airport security, such kind of things violate the personal privacy of a person.

    Posted by: ShoPPingChib
  • Airport Security does not violate a person's personal privacy, because the choice to fly is that person's.

    Airport security does not violate a person's personal privacy, because it is the person's choice to fly on an airline. There are many other methods that are available to use. Security has become a grave concern for the majority of people flying, so I think that it outweighs any personal privacy concerns.

    Posted by: GiffCooled
  • As long it does not extend to the bathrooms or checking your luggage and yourself as a regular security protocol, if fine by me.

    Is a free country, no one should be treated as a criminal unless they are proven wrong, your personal belongings and yourself should not be subject to random scanning by airport security.

    Posted by: ZaibCha
  • Modern airports have tight and responsible security.

    The security at airports has been visible for a long time now. The airport has the tightest and most acceptable use of secure protocols among the world. They are used to stop people from getting away with a lot of crimes when they are in the airport. They therefore should be sued at all times.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • Modern airport security protocol does not violate personal privacy. If you are using the airport facilities, you must comply to their rules.

    Using the airport and its facilities are a privilege and with that privilege goes all the responsibilities connected with such use. The airport and their representatives have every right to demand certain securities to protect their passengers and visitors from any violence or disruptive behavior. If you do not like airport security, you can always drive a car, take a bus, or take a train.

    Posted by: BMaritza
  • Security needs to be thorough in order to protect the general public.

    When one is a passenger on an airplane, the behavior of that person can affect the safety of over 100 other individuals on the same aircraft. For that reason, security needs to be very thorough and detailed in order to ensure that potentially dangerous objects do not get taken on board a plane. Criminals and terrorists with the intent of causing mischief on a flight will go to great lengths to conceal dangerous liquids, guns, knives, and other objects. We just saw the terrorist attack attempt on Christmas Day 2009 where the person had explosives sewn into his underwear. Thorough screening, which may be considered invasive by some, is the best way to ensure that undesirable kinds of people do not fly.

    Posted by: Lawson88
  • Modern airport security protocol does not violate personal privacy, because if it did not exist people would be in danger and complaining even more.

    People have been proven to be untrustworthy, this is why x-ray machines and other airport security protocol is necessary. In this world people do many bad things that hurt others, such as bringing weapons, bombs, and drugs on planes. Airports have the right to have security to keep people safe and ensure they will not be faced with lawsuits due to negligence. If airport security did not exist, things would be terrible. People would be running around with weapons and people would die left and right. On top of that, people would be complaining about the chances of being killed or hurt on the plane. People have enough privacy. It is being abused. This is why we need airport security protocol.

    Posted by: Pl4tinumCammy
  • Airport security does not violate personal privacy. It is just necessary.

    Airport security is very necessary since the attacks of September 11th. It does not violate personal privacy. It is the responsibility of the airport to make sure that all passengers are safe and that no harm can come to the pilot or staff. We don't want a repeat of the September 11th situation so the airlines are simply taking precautions to avoid this.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Modern airport security does not violate personal privacy because we each have the right not to fly.

    The protocol of modern airport security does not violate personal privacy because it is not implemented in a haphazard manner - there are guidelines that are strictly followed. No individual is singled out without just cause, and it is reasonable because hundreds of lives are at risk with each flight. A person that feels their privacy is violated when flying has the right to select another mode of transportation if airport security is disturbing to them.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • Modern airport security protocol does not violate personal privacy because of the certainty of the threat from those who desire to do harm through airline violence.

    There is a principle that overrides all the privacy concerns that have been expressed due to the increased security protocols that have been put in place at airports and on the actual airplanes. Sometimes the needs of the whole override the rights of the individual. Some times to protect the larger group some of the individual rights that we have enjoyed have to be set aside.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • Current methods of airport screening do not really violate personal privacy.

    Too often this is used as a smoke screen by those who are unable to provide better security for passengers using the tools already at their fingertips and keystrokes. When the Dec. 25th exploding underwear guy slipped onto a plane after his own father had reported him as a risk, many who should have been fired blamed the lack of full body scans.

    Posted by: vempyrik 66

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