Does modern day feminism destroy; masculinity (making it evil), Suggesting that the role of fathers is unneeded, And Hurts young men

Asked by: BasicEco
  • What is feminist policy towards men.

    Have you ever heard of the term toxic masculinity? What about the Duluth model? According to the Duluth model "women and children are vulnerable to violence because of their unequal social, Economic, And political status in society. We do not see men’s violence against women as stemming from individual pathology, But rather from a socially reinforced sense of entitlement. " Another issue is a father's rights regarding abortion. Https://family. Findlaw. Com/paternity/fathers-rights-and-abortion. Html This article says how little notice a woman can give before having an abortion without even asking the father. The father is just as much a part of the child as the mother so why does the father have no say over whether the child lives a life at all? Not to mention the fact that the gold standard is the way girls behave in the classroom and "boyish" behavior is being expulsed.

  • Feminism has ruined society for. . . . Women

    The brainwashing of society, Media and the feminists powers within have destroyed and will continue, Our society. Unfortunately, Now, Women are starting to realize that things will get worse for them. You had choice before, Nothing was stopping you but yourself. But the new society is taking alot of your choices away. Welcome to the ditches.

    Posted by: trax
  • Feminsm hurts masculinity.

    Through America, In schools and in the workplace, Men are constantly being scolded and disowned for showing any signs of masculinity. This is why the percentage of men committing sucide is much higher than the percentage of women committing suicide. Feminsm also affects young women negativley. Young women, Like myself, Are also scolded and disowned they do not consider themselves feminsts. As quoted by Madeline Albright, Former U. S Secretary of State, Says in a Hillary Rally, “ Thers a special place in hell for woman who don’t help each other. ” Later on she apologizes for this statement but by watching the clip you can tell she is scincere.

  • I just thought men and women are meant for different things, And other stuff?

    Men and women throughout history were both built for different jobs and careers, And yes men did have it better, But women didn't seem to care until they thought they could do the same as men and even better. Since then people have this mindset that your sexist if think there is not a wage gap, Or if you think something a man can do but a women can't, (but not the other way around). To be honest these "feminists/feminazis" have been judging that men are one of the roots of all evil, And that women are the future. Just look at teaching in the schools, It's so made for women because most of the learning in schools attract girls/women, While men on the other hand aren't so kind to reading and sitting in a class all day. It's pretty true that feminism is destroying masculinity, Just some ads the other day want to change the definition because they feel like it isn't true anymore, Which is really sad. Millennial's in particular are keen to stop young men from having their way with all these crazy rape accusations and #MeToo crap, And if even dare to expect them to have a husband if you try to have 2020 hindsight, Well boy, Your in a load of trouble because they will act like they don't want a husband and they are going to be a single mother and do it all by their self/herself. Anyways my 3rd hour is almost over and i'm a freshman by the way so goodbye, (I will check this later)

  • I believe that it does and I'm really interested in what you guys comment. Hearing your side will really help me.

    The part of modern day feminism I find most distressing is that it devalues the importance of families. I make this claim because I see feminists almost promoting 1 female parent homes. This is a big problem 1 because I believe that families are the most important unit that the human species has. Families have the role of supporting their children's needs to the best of their ability, And this includes comforting them, Teaching them what's right and wrong, And supporting their endeavours but love them enough to show their kid's weakness (so then they can learn and grow).

    Quick disclaimer; I'm not saying families who lack a father or a mother are bad. Rather that families and their roles are like puzzle pieces fitting together and creating a strong foundation for your spouse and your children to build on.

    To clarify further I believe that homes with a single parent can be strong, But may be missing roles that will only build a stronger family foundation.

    I see feminism destroying the purpose and roles of fathers by belittling them and making it seem like one parent can easily fit both roles. They do this as well as making the "JOB" of a stay at home mom seem like a worthless pursuit, And traits such as compassion and love, Which are key in any mother, Are traits that represent a "weak" woman, But I'd like to promote the opposite. It's evident that feminism is destroying the unit in which are societies build on, Though it may be indirect it is still destroying a key element to society.

    To close, I believe that a family is best when it consists of a mother and father who love and seek to understand and support their children, Where both are strong role models who should divide the work in supporting one another and their children's emotional and physical needs.

  • Woman don't do that

    Just because a woman acts evil doesnt mean there actually evil. Women are really easy to annoy and need personal space, Which doesnt mean the role of fathers isnt important. It means women are independant and don't need help all the time, And plus men are needed for reproduction and to support, Help and grow your family

  • Empowering women should not weaken men

    The goal of modern feminists is to empower women and seek changes in laws that will help single women be more independent. If you perceive that venture as belittling men and trying to weaken them that's your issue. Feminists are just trying to make women just as capable of success as men.

    Nobody is saying single women are the ideal family archetype, The ideal archetype is 2 parents in the household.

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