Does modern journalism need a bailout to keep newspapers from going bankrupt?

  • We need newspapers.

    When you look at people, we are becoming cyborgs. Not of the typical half man, half robot sense. But we rely on technology so much that it is literally rewiring our brains. Look at how many people are glued to their smartphones eveywhere. Newspapers are a relic at this point, but one that must be held in place. Some things shouldn't die.

  • There's so many options now to get news

    Newspapers are an old way of getting news. While in smaller towns they still have them for community events, More and more people are going to online platforms for news at all levels and to find said community events. Facebook and Craigslist have done away with the classifieds section, Same with online job boards and I don't want my tax money bailing an industry out that can't compete

  • For a reason

    People often go under for a reason; just like many of the banks should have gone under during the financial crisis, newspapers that can't survive should not be bailed out. Newspapers aren't making money because people are not buying them; spending money on them is, by definition, a waste of money.

  • No it does not.

    I do not think that modern journalism needs a bailout because newspapers will still be able to make money even years from now. They may not be the most popular but there are some things you can only get from a newspaper that you can not get anywhere else, even online.

  • Newspapers are obsolete. No bailout required.

    Modern journalism is not in need of a bailout, and it has nothing at all to do with newspapers. Printing the news on sheets of flimsy and disposable paper is an outdated form of information distribution. It's now done primarily via websites in first world countries such as the United States.

  • No, I don't think the government should get involved in business.

    I don't feel the government should get involved in business. The car industry bailout helped show that companies could have gotten by without it (as Ford did). Print media (not just newspapers) need to figure out what people want. Newspapers, for example, should contain a lot of coupons, so that people will feel they're getting their money's worth from buying them. It seems print media is trying to appeal too much to people who are tecchies, when in reality it might be best to try to appeal to those who still consume print media. But a bailout would be excessive, and businesses should not rely on government handouts.

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