Does modern rap and pop music have a negative influence on children?

  • What you feed into your brain sticks!

    The human brain is wired to learn through repetition, so by listening to music, and especially repetition, the mood and lyrics in the song will become installed in that persons memory. There is undisputed evidence for all of this, and it has been used to good effect by large companies for a long time, like Coca Cola, etc. But what happens when a dictator applies the same methods? Just look at North Korea. Why do people feel it necessary to allow young children to listen to adult music and TV films? Let them have a childhood first.

  • Promotes arrogance and hypocrisy

    One thing that's different between modern and classic music is the humility. Really, since when did you hear something like the Beatles' "All You Need is Love"? And if you're going to say the Black Eyed Peas' "Where is the Love?", well it didn't work as well as it used to. Though early music was always peace-promoting and driven by hippies because of the war, humble and artistic music still dwelt in the mainstream up into the '90s. But by the current generation, even the reasonable artists have stopped caring about meaningful and humble music. Instead of songs promoting general love and kindness we get songs that promote sex and endorphins as the only things that make us love. Today's music keeps glorifying oneself with the excuse of "self-empowerment" when really people just have to admit that they were or are still are really bad people! It teaches us that the most important thing in the world is to never admit you were wrong. Chris Brown won a Grammy Award after showing people that he hits women without an apology. And yes, it is a big deal. Children look up to this people and they are models of success. And as long as these people keep telling the masses that you don't have admit a bad thing in your life because you're "Born This Way" and perfect, people will follow that example. It doesn't matter if that wasn't what they meant, the fact is you're making the most easily perverted kind of music. And if not glorifying oneself, then they're glorifying others, like a second person. To people who are fans to the wrong kind of artists, you just don't know but you just established your own personal country in the world around you. Long story short, stop giving "self-empowerment" too much. Power corrupts, and personal power corrupts personally.

  • The Music Industry Has Fallen

    Todays trashy music, along with the provocative video clips that go along with it are definitely having a negative influence on children. At least half of the music played on popular radio stations these days has to do with partying too hard, drinking too much, being excessively aggressive, being emotionally unstable or depressed etc. These are the messages that are constantly blasted into children's brains and sometimes they are unable to process them or acknowledge them as songs alone. Like they are influenced by their parents and people around them, young children are also influenced my music and TV, and todays music is a bad example, thats without considering the influences of the 'artists' themselves.

  • Yep

    Read any lyrics to any rap song and it will prove my point that rap and pop has a negative influence on all people, not just children

  • Yes, ban rap music.

    Everyone knows that rap music is a bad influence in children, teens and young people, because of the content of the songs, like drugs, sex, women degradation, assaults and crimes in general. Teens act according to behavioral patterns, and their direct role models are stars music/famous people, just like rapers.

  • Slowly warming water

    We've already lowered our standards embarrassingly low regarding the language that is played on television. Most of what is played on the pop radio stations has a negative message even if the expletives are deleted. Our children don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore. We, the adults, are to blame.

  • KDR

    Rappers is really bad for children. they don't listen to their parent. They talk back to adults. They think their grown all of a sudden.
    pop music is no better. they think they can dance around like little stripper. I really disagree with the influence they putting on children.

  • It's not in the genre, It's in the lyrics.

    The genre itself isn't whats wrong. It's in the lyrics. Rap and Hip hop would be fine if both weren't about sex, drugs, and strip clubs all the time. Rap is almost always about having sex and doing drugs, and hip hop is often always about sex. Take hip hop icon Nicki Manaj for example... You open the door for kids to listen to Rap, and they expand on it and listen to more and more of you, you can't just give them the good songs, because they will find and listen to the bad songs as well.

  • music is a great thing

    music is a form where artists can express themselves, deal with a hard time, and just write about how they feel.
    Music will help children, teens, and adults! We can relate to the music and we do. This is why we listen to music and consider it to be an important part of the American culture.

  • Not good for young kids!

    Popular music has always been on the edge of what's acceptable in society, but we have had more control in the past about what we expose our children to - FCC and similar regulators had more teeth than today, where anything goes in the name of freedom and rights. When I see a small child walking down the sidewalk with ear buds in, singing along with her iPod and out of her little mouth comes "mother-f****r," that is just wrong. Adults can make choices about what they listen to, but children just parrot back what they hear without knowing what it means. Anybody who has ever been around when a toddler mimics his first swear in front of his grandma knows that OMG feeling. Kids who listen to this stuff young don't learn boundaries about public vs. private language, and they are the ones who think it's OK drop f-bombs on Facebook. They haven't learned that crudeness has its time an place. We found this out at a Bon Jovi concert to which we took our kids at 11 and 12. Extreme was the front band. They sang song If you don't like the way we sing, get the F*** out! Really? At a family, outdoor concert that was their offering? So yes, it matters. It's a bell you can't unring. Once a kid is exposed, he's a changed kid. Some handle it well, some don't. But the angry kind of music is adopted by angry kinds of people for a reason - so clearly it means something. We are losing our manners as a society, and our music and video games and movies and TV play a role in pushing the edge of what is considered acceptable in public past what really is acceptable. Oops, too late!

  • No Way

    While a lot of modern day pop and rap music may be inappropriate in the lyrics, it's not anything that the majority of the kids who listen to it don't already know. Many songs that were thought to be negative throughout history were typically looked back at as genius or as being really good. Rap does require talent, though many pop singers do not always have a good voice in actuality. Basically, it's not something we don't already know.

  • Rap is not going to make you evil

    Music has been promoting so called "bad things" for years. I grew up listening to all sorts of music. I was listening to 50 cent and Eminem in 1st grade! Where am I now? I'm enrolled in an honors electrical engineering program. Being influenced by rap (or any other music) is like me looking at a painting of a man killing another man, and then going out and killing someone.

  • I'm 16 listen to rap. I rap. Honors student with all the nerdy kids.

    I listen to all kinds of rap. Wu-Tang, Of course some eminem, tupac, biggie smalls, ice cube, and even rap as dark as Odd futures(check it out ) I won't keep listing them as I listen to tons. I rap but I keep my stuff adressed on problems lots of people face. I don't go "west side till I die g living for the C.R.E.A.M and ice, all women are hoes in this life" that's not me. I will admit sometimes it has influenced my actions but usually for re better. I rap and sometimes say bad things yes. But I'm an honors student raised with very proper manners. Rap dosnt influence who you are unless you have minuscule brain power and poor judgment in the first place. I don't go shoot everyone up, I do cuss people out and get in fights but what highschool student dosn't? Rap helps me focus in on things. I love all music types except for screamo and "death rap" or whatever stupid ICP does. I hate that. That's garbage and can't teach me things, but some rap can. Thank you

  • The Fact of modern Pop and Rap songs

    Nowadays, Singers sing songs and the songs contain many bad lyrics and it influences on young people. Usually, they do not know what they really want to affect people.
    In Fact, the Beatles used “Back ward” in the song. In their songs, there are three meanings. First, Take drugs. Second, have Free Sex. Third, disobey parents. As results, American Society fell into bad ways. For instance, having sex with unknown people, disobedience to parent, and taking drug. The amazing things are your brain changes your behavior and follow the bad lyrics in reality. Still now, do you want you and your children to listen to the Pop and Rap songs?

    Posted by: Has
  • Music is Art

    Music is a form of expression. The songs are up for interpretation, just as is any other form of art. Obviously a 6 year old shouldn't be listening to a song that says the F word multiple times, but the type of music a person and/or child listens to does not define, let alone make excuse, for why they act the way they do. I have been listening to all different types of music, including rap and pop, since I was very young. Being an adult now, I can say that music has had nothing but a positive impact on me. Just because someone listens to rap music doesn't mean they're going to be a "gangster" and just because someone listens to pop music doesn't mean they are going to be promiscuous. It is ultimately up to a parent and the environment a child grows up in what the child grows up to think is okay. I grew up listening to country, rap, pop, anything you could think of. I still listen to rap, but my parents have taught me that calling a woman a "big booty hoe" and "smokin weed er'day" isn't the right way, which is why I can listen to music without it negatively affecting me. Only someone who has grown up without a positive self-image will be so easily influenced by such music.

  • Depends on the song

    Sure some rap songs are very vulger and contain very suggestive and bad actions, but most rap or hip-hop songs are positive and help people out that are going through a tough time. It's the same with every music genre, some songs are bad and some songs are good.

  • Parents hate rap music

    Parents want their kids to stop listening to rap songs because of how the videos are. They don't want their children to act that way. Also they way they say curses, it's just part of their lyrics and its not the artist fault its the people that write and direct the video. Parents think when kids listen to this music it makes them turn into bad kids. I'm 13 years old and i listen to rap songs but they don't change me from who I am.

  • NO it dOESNT!

    You choose the music you listen to. MOst people listen to music that applies to whatever they are going through, if rappers didnt put the music out into the world they wouldnt have anything to turn to or to cause "shootings or violence". YOu can't blame music when the real issue is yourself.

  • Rap music does not cause or have a negative influence on children.

    I believe most of the responsibility relies on the parents as well. All music is rated that is graphic only for listeners who are 18 years or older. Parents sound not let younger teens or children listen to it or download it. Parents shouldn’t get mad at the artist for their music that they let their children listen to, they should prohibit them from the music until they are more mature to understand their lyrics and know right from wrong.

  • Not all songs are bad.

    I am a 13-year-old girl. I listen to songs by Cher Lloyd, One Direction, etc., and most of them have good meanings or make me feel better. For instance, "We Are Who We Are" by Little Mix has a very good meaning, as does "Little Things" by 1D. But yes, there are pop songs that are inappropriate. Just don't listen to those songs.

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Anonymous says2013-03-29T16:50:29.190
I don't think it so bad but do know that rap music has a good beat about it!