Does modern society accommodate and appease workaholics at the expense of family men and women?

  • Yes, we do

    I think any business would love to have a workaholic at it,but it does put strain on the home front. Its going to put a strain on the home front either way, whether we want it to or not,but we do like nice things. Work is going to provide those things for the family.

  • Yes, the way we perceive work is a loss to family

    Men and women in today's society are finding themselves in a harder and smaller job market.The idea of losing your job is more real then in past years.The modern society put value on over working and quickly moving up the career ladder, more value than producing a moderate and happy family.This value and lack of value, in my belief, is the reason why many family bonds break in this society.

  • No, modern society does not accomodate and appease workaholics

    I find that society does not really accommodate or appease those that are workaholics at the expense of their families. Many people are forced to work more and more hours and are now considered the workaholics in our society. The reality is that all they are trying to do is support and provide for their family.

  • No, modern society doesn't accomodate workaholics at the expense of families.

    I do not think that modern society accommodates workaholics at the expense of their families. I think that modern society just realizes that people should be available to work as much as they want regardless of whether a person's personal life is affected by their actions or not. It is something that is up to ther person.

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