Does modern society unnecessarily limit teens in terms of responsibility, priviledge, and decision making?

  • That is dictatorship

    The teens only have to follow the rules and regulations that have been put in place for them to follow but not necessarily that they will have the chance to make decisions, take responsibilities, or have any privileges thus referring to dictatorship that teens cannot freely made their own decisions.

  • Stuck In Between

    Teens are stuck between adulthood and the life of a child. The pressures of trying to live up to adult standards while still being undermined by authority limits teens abilities to please, allowing for little privileges, chances to obtain responsibility, and individual opinions and decisions. There is little one can do to receive the acknowledgement they'd like, during this time period of their life.

  • Teens lack many rights and privileges adults take for granted.

    Young people today are treated in a similar manner as blacks and women of the past. They have curfews, their opinions are dismissed (no voting or petitioning). They are forced to become insignificant, dependent, and stupid, by being given no say in anything (outside of the very narrow realm of school voting and petitions). They are owned by their parents, who do provide the basic needs, but make everything else a "privilege" because anything they buy, even with their own money they worked for, can be controlled by their parents (i.E. Parents can set rules for a teens use of laptop the teen paid for with their own money) and can take it away at any time for any reason up until the age 18. In some stores they can't buy permanent markers, dry ice, M-rated games, or even hand sanitizer just because 6 teens extracted it's alcohol and drank it. They have no say in their education and are portrayed as drugs and being oversexed similar to how blacks in early broadway were portrayed. And this is all because a couple of morons said, "their brains are not developed" because of a study on a small amount of the population.

  • Yes in today's society parents own teens and can control every aspect of their lives, even their healthcare decisions.

    Young people can't make healthcare decisions (except reproductive), get a job without a parent's permission and permission from the state based on a medical exam, they can't leave their home without their parent's permission or they will be considered a "runaway" and cops will arrest them, bring them home and put them in juvenile justice and anything they buy, even with their own money, can be taken from them by their parents at any time for any reason. Before the industrial revolution people got married and had full adult rights upon puberty. Many Americans believe a misinterpreted study that the brain is not fully competent till 25. The study restrained teens and adults to an MRI and had them perform a task and, while teens and adults performed EQUALLY WELL, they both used different parts of their brains in the task. They failed to explain WHY? The brain is influenced by experience and outside factors and teens have different influences then adults with school system and having parents in their lives. It's usually fully competent around 12-15 and continues to develop throughout life, not around 25.

    In all mammal species, the animal is an adult upon puberty. When a person hits puberty they realize their parents will control their lives for the next 5 years and they feel like adults and imagine how that feels? This is why teens act angry and "defiant".

  • Well then why

    Don't when they want to make their own choices, build their own roofs and make their own choices.

    Plus parents have been through what their kids will be going through and are obligated keeping them safe. Taking those away just defies the word parent.

    Teens just act angry because they think they know it all, and know what they want. Just f** behave so you can move when you finish high school, then you will be free to do what ever you wanted. Cannot change rules of the damn society!

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