Does modernized racism still exist around the globe?

Asked by: rutgers17
  • A definite yes.

    Racism is everywhere around the world. This is why we had slavery, because people are uneducated and ignorant.
    The thing about racism is, the only reason why it exist, is because they think the world centers around them, they can't seem to understand that no one cares about them.
    So yes, Modernized racism still exist around the globe.

  • Yes it does exist.

    There are many countries around the globe that still deal with racism. One of the many countries is Brazil located in South America. Brazil, was the last country to abolish slavery, yet if you visit the country racism still exist. The majority of its people are black, yet they are still targeted. They are targeted or discriminated , when if you look into where the majority of Brazil blacks live, its poor areas around Rio. Even a Brazil affirmative actions exist in this country, when its population is mostly black. Another reason is black women are NOT seen as beautiful, the majority of women you see on the media are blond, pretty with long hair. They cannot even find themselves. Have you ever seen how black females always wear wigs, or extensions. Its sad to see this, when these women are beautiful also. Racism exist but is so modernized that it escapes our eye.

  • Its all made up

    Racism doesn't have to exist but it does because too many people have delusional beliefs. Some people hate others based on their ethnicity and others believe that they are victims of racism even when they're really not. The solution to the problem is very simple. Take a nuetral stance on everything and stop acting like you know whats best for humanity. Its called Live and Let Live!

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