Does Monaco stand a chance at winning the UEFA Champions League competition?

  • A classy side

    They are a very good side with very good players, their coach is really smart and effective. They are Ligue 1 leaders, in front of PSG. From the begining of the season, they defeated team like PSG, totenham , manchester shity & BVB. It will be hard, but possible, I think all quarter finalist have 25% chance

  • Yes it stands a chance.

    Monaco stands a chance at winning the UEFA Champions League competition. This is because Monaco is a potential team and has promising success. With the great players and coach, success is paramount for the team. The other thing is that Monaco has a huge number of supporters and fans who also give the players enough support.

  • They Lead their division

    I think they definitely stand a chance of going all the way. They currently lead Group E in the champions League after 4 games played. It doesn't hurt that they won their most recent game either. I'm not a huge soccer fan but I am a fan of other sports. When you lead your division that's usually a good indication that you're a pretty good team.

  • No, Monaco doesn't stand a chance.

    UEFA Champions League is a serious competition. Monaco is such a tiny country--if it can really even be called a country--that it doesn't stand a reasonable chance at taking home the title. Even if Monaco has been performing well, to believe that they'll take it all the way to winning the championship is unlikely.

  • Monaco is not in any way near the EUFA Champions League title

    AS Monaco FC is not a very good contender for the European title. One thing in soccer is clear; history repeats itself. If a team is not once a winner or at least featured in many previous finals, the title is very far away from it.

    Although they appear to be in a formidable form this season, the closest Monaco came to winning the title was the finals in 2004 against FC Porto, for which it lost 3-0.

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