• Yes it does

    Money may not directly bring about the happiness in our lives but people having money are more likely to be happy than people who are broke. In a world where nothing is free, Having money gives you a sense of security. Having no money, So that you can't even afford the basic necessities of life will certainly lead to no happiness.

  • Money contributes to happiness

    Money contributes to happiness. People are happier with more money, Not saying money creates happiness but it does contribute. For example, Having money to buy a shelter will make you much happier than living on the streets. That is how money contributes to the general happiness of human beings. Do u agree with me

  • No it doesn't

    Someone can literally just get happy when someone they love walks in the room. Someone can be happy while playing a sport they love. Someone can be happy just playing at the park. Money cannot buy or contribute to happiness. No matter what in the end money doesn't ok ok

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