• Read my lips!

    Let's be real here. Steroids abound. In the classroom grades do not! Beyond the classroom and high school come the hallowed halls of college with dreams of leaving ASAP for the money they deserve! There is someone just lurking around the corner to help you spend that money! After the money is gone there is nothing to fall back on. It's all a ponzu scheme. We just keep letting them do more and more.

  • Like in boxing if there is no KO anyone might win.Eventhough it may have been obvious. A

    Antonio Tarvar vs Roy Jones Roy got beat down and was at the end of his career.Be fight Antonio knew he had to KO him.There is so much going on .Sacramento kings vs LA Lakers.The game was clearly fixed and years later it came came out by the ref. That Kings were robbed.Sports are bs now days.

  • It Is Possible

    Money is often a creator of corruption as people don't tend to be greedy unless money or material possessions are involved. For this reason, it is feasible to believe that money corrupts sport. I think this is probably the case in most professional sports leagues. There is probably a level of corruption that most people are unaware of.

  • Corruption abounds in sports.

    Money does corrupt sport unfortunately. People place bets that make sports more about gaining financially than playing a game. In addition, athletes focus on sports as a get-rich-quick scheme rather than as actual sportsmanship. Cursing and physical aggression become more and more prevalent as time goes on due to the financial stakes in sports.

  • Yes, money corrupts sports.

    Money does corrupt sports in various ways. One of the most obvious ways is that players will switch teams, or choose teams, based on how much they're being offered for pay, rather than where they live or on other merits (such as appreciating the team, coach, etc.). Additionally, sports figures have people who make money off them, such as agents and team owners. Pay in professional sports is exorbitantly high, which can lead to corruption on various levels.

  • Money takes the love out of athletics

    When huge financial prizes are involved, people stop participating in sports for the love of it, and begin participating only for the love of money. This leads to people pushing their bodies to the limits (see Lance Armstrong), abusing drugs, and cheating. The intrusion of money into sports also creates an industry around athletics, so corrupt team owners and coaches get rich on the backs of players, who break their bodies in search of fame. Humans are not racehorses, but when money enters the picture, they are treated just as callously.

  • A natural byproduct of a desired service

    In the end all professional high paid sports is live drama. People pay actors the same amount of money to watch them in movies that are scripted. the only difference in sports is that things are not scripted but the drama still remains. So with this in mind people don't think Hollywood is corrupted with all the billions of dollars that are pumped into it each year so it shouldn't be different for sports.

  • No not anymore

    I don't think money is corrupting sport. I think money is what drives sport in this nation. If the high stakes of money were not involved in sports in this country then sports would be near non existent. There are some who are extra greedy that may corrupt sports but in general money drives sports, not corrupts it.

  • No, sports are still about talent.

    Whether sports are professional or at the collegiate level, they draw huge crowds and make massive amounts of money for their sponsors and schools. In spite of the huge dollar amounts involved in the different sports, the players remain loyal to their teams and the spirit of competition. I do not see evidence of money corrupting sport.

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