• Pretty damn obvious

    Dude would do a job for free? Like seriously who would do that?
    What idiot provides time labour and resources for free?
    Like seriously the idiot who asked this is the biggest idiot.
    Labour for free! JOke of the freaking century!!!!!!!!!!!
    Money not important \?
    Why do you do a job>

  • Yes money motivates people at a workplace

    If any workplace in a country like india stopped giving salaries (money) to its employees, be it a domestic maid , a local dhaba , a chaiwalla , a farmer or a bank manager,each of these persons work for money. If a company did not offer bonuses , promotions or raises , it would have next to no hard working employees . Not to forget that one of the reasons for the great revolt of 1857 in india was the resentment among soldiers on not receiving promotions and bonus money on abroad trips ( post office act) and also on not receiving proper salaries.

  • It does, DUH

    It is only the need for the money, that makes people work, either it be for a thousand rupees or lakhs or corers, quantity doesn't matter, but it is THE motivating factor. If there is plenty and more than sufficient any one would hardly want to work. ... This is not to suggest that money doesn't motivate.

  • It obviously does

    It is only the need for the money, that makes people work, either it be for a thousand rupees or lakhs or corers, quantity doesn't matter, but it is THE motivating factor. If there is plenty and more than sufficient any one would hardly want to work. ... This is not to suggest that money doesn't motivate.

  • For the people who have had a major part of their lives in debt.

    Yes! Money definitely motivates people at the work place! Specially in a country like INDIA. India being a developing country, most of the people over here lives a life of loans and debts. Those people who have been betrayed by the circumstances due to money are completely motivated to work hard to earn money and nothing else...!

  • I support that we do get motivation

    We can get motivation the main reason for this is that I think acc to me . People work more f they get to know about money that they earn they always try to work hard in order to get money . I agree with the fact that money motives people at their workplace

  • I completely agree !

    Whether we accept it or not, people are selfish, and they work to provide affluent life for themselves. Head of countries lives at palaces, not in slums, and this motivates them. Some people may work for the sake of society but only after being in financially satisfying condition.
    Working legally to earn money which fulfills you, is not a sin.

  • Of Course !!!

    I would say that the majority of people work for the money, why do you think that we pay more for overtime hours? Because it motivates people(LIGHT BULB(despicable me reference) your job pays you money, if they stopped paying you would you still work for them? NO you work for the money to support your family, money motivates everything whether we like it or not

  • Money is what you need

    To survive in the world, in a society which moves all around money. Without money, you can't go anywhere. So nobody in the world would do a job for free as it is a completely waste of time and you could be doing the same job, better conditions and paid

  • We all need money

    But the misconception here is that after a certain amount of money, The extra money that comes through promotions, Bonuses etc. Can actually diminish motivation to work, Assuming your job consists of some type of creative work as in designing, Managing, Innovating or anything that changes on a day-to-day basis.

  • Money is just a part of life

    What all we need is to live a satisifactory life and money isnt all to live a satisiactory life being poor with a good heart is better than being rich with bad intentions.It isnt necessary for us to do jobs which we don't want to do by killling our self respect and all it isn't necessary right what more we need is passion to do the job

  • No way it does

    I just think this is a stupid argument. NO ONE WOULD DO A JOB WHICH THEY DON'T LIKE. I mean come on. If this was true everyone would do extra hours in the workplace. But even they would earn more money, they don't do it. They prefer staying at home with their family or going out with friends

  • Not a motivator

    How many of you will honestly be willing to commute 6 plus hours for a job that pays a thousand dollars more than your current job? How many of you would wan to work in an environment where you were treated as trash and worker under a sexist, racist, and islamaphobic boss? How many of you want to work in a hot stuffy environment with the sun beating down on your face everyday of the summer and hail pelting down on your head every winter? What about a job where you will remain still; one where your entry level job is the same from your first day to your retirement would you want to work in a place that limits your moving up the ladder? Unless you answered yes to all those questions how can you explain now wanting to work those doleful conditions? Obviously, money is not the deciding factor on whether or not you’ll take the job, so it is not the most important.

  • It Does Not

    Money is a vital part of life, we have to earn it through working day and night.Sure, money is what brings people to work but it does not motivate one.Passion is also important in a workplace.People don’t work passionately in a workplace if its not of their liking.
    As grucho max is said and i quote
    while money cant buy happiness, it certianly lets you choose your own form of misery.
    If money is so necessary we will soon forget the value of self respect, satisfatction, and moral duty.
    As it is siad
    rather be broke with a good heart than be rich with bad intentions.

  • No, it does not.

    Passion or interest in a field is also an important - factor in the workplace. I personally can't work in a company in which I am not finding any interest. I can not work for money. In conclusion, I would like to say that it's an individual perspective. Family's financial condition also matters.

  • Obviously no; money may be one of the motivators of people at the workplace, but it is not the only one.

    There are n number of factors motivating people at workplace. A few examples of them are job security, personality development, the type of company he/she gets from his/her peers, etc. If two companies are offering a person with the same job; but the company that promises to give more salary is not good in terms of the examples stated above; whereas the company that has comparatively less salary is much more peaceful and is not much stressful. Then needless to say, the company providing LESS SALARY is more preferable here.

  • I don't agree

    Well, if you see this way then, if money is so necessary then we will soon forget the value of self respect, satisfaction, moral duty. We do have many people who work for their passion not for money, they can earn as much money as they want but it won't give them satisfaction. So yes money is important but not that much.

  • Definitely no !!

    In it companes like today, freshers dont get paid much , yet they work for their satisfaction. They dont get paid for the work they do. In this case they work to satsify themselves for what they have learnt. Getting a job in it company is a huge difficulty. So if they work for money, well They will remain to be workless beggars

  • It does not motivates

    Some people do not work for money but sacrifices for the sake of their country. However it is not money the motivator but the payment is just a reward for hard work.A person who fear god is trustworthy because he or she knows that money is the root of all evil.

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