Does money open doors to opportunities and success?

  • Yes, money buys opportunities.

    Yes, money opens doors to opportunity and success, because universities always leave some places open for children of donors. The vast majority of politicians come from a select few private universities. The universities are very elite and private. There are secret societies that help privileged children network with other people, which opens doors for their success.

  • Very much so

    College could be considered a door to opportunity but it costs money for tuition not to mention the costs for school supplies you may need then comes your method of transportation which is bound to cost something unless you live on campus then you need to pay rent costs. All those costs already for just one door so of course if one had the money, more doors would open.

  • Yes, money opens doors.

    Typically, the more money that an individual has access to, the more opportunities an individual has access to. Since money buys education, nice clothes, and transportation, that automatically gives those who have money a leverage over those who do not. If you are educated, dress nicely, and are able to drive to a job interview, you are more likely to get the job.

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