Does morality have more than one definition?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Yes it does

    Everyone has their own rights and wrongs.What is right to me may be wrong to you.No one can really decide what is moral or immoral but you can say that as long as your actions are not harming anyone, they aren't immoral.Different societies all around the world all have different beliefs and some things people in my country look down upon are widely accepted in other countries.So yes, it has more than one definiton.

  • Normative and Descriptive Morality

    Normative morality is right and wrong as it actually is, independent of anyone's opinion. Descriptive morality uses the word "morality" to refer to moral beliefs. People often confuse the two for each other.

    Descriptive morality is obviously relative. However, normative morality must either be objective or it must be nonexistent. A moral relativist about normative morality is the same thing as a moral nihilist.

  • Maybe it does

    Morality is an elusive term. Various issues that are seen as controversial by society such as abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia, etc. are viewed subjectively based on how the individual defines "moral". I judge actions based on the moral foundations of harm and fairness, if a given act causes no identifiable harm, it is not immoral.

  • Morality has one definition

    Morality is what someone believes is considered right or wrong. Now someone's set of morals can be different based on what the individual believes, but the concept/definition of right and wrong is pretty concrete. There is no different between normative and descriptive reality as my opponent MasturDbtor has stated. They are one in the same

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