• Sexual abuse at music festivals

    Music festivals are getting to be out of hand. There need to be more limits on them. Maybe how many people can attend each event and better checkpoints. Sexual abuse is rampant as "everyone is drunk and high" and are easy to take advantage of. It would not take much to add more security officers at events to keep an eye on the events that are happening and watch for people who may be taking things too far.

  • Anyone who abuses another at a festival should be removed immediately.

    There should never be an environment where sexual abuse is tolerated. Those who attend music festivals are there for the love of music, and anyone who thinks it is appropriate to abuse another person for any reason has no place at such a festival and should be removed immediately. Music is positive and should create a positive environment. Those who would be abusers need to learn to respect those around them and keep their hands to themselves.

  • Sexual abuse should never be considered acceptable.

    Under any circumstance, sexual abuse is wrong. When at a music festival, or any others for that matter, a person is subject to a higher risk of sexual abuse. For this reason, a festival should consider placing more moderators within the crowds that are trained on what to look for. These people should be available for approach should anything happen at a festival. Most often, support is greatly appreciated, and a higher presence of personnel monitoring the crowds will help to deter sexual abuse in some cases.

  • Nothing much can be done

    Sexual abuse at music festivals is something that cannot be controlled. These music festivals have crowds of people in the thousands. Most of these people are under the effects of various drugs they take. I think these reported acts of sexual assaults have all been under the influence of some sort of drugs and both parties were equally guilty

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