Does more need to be done to protect creative types from internet piracy.

Asked by: Volted
  • I things so.

    So many jobs in the US are a product of bureaucracy. Basically paper pushing to meet all the laws governing every aspect of life. This is called the service economy and some people think it's a good thing, but I find it kind of depressing. It would be nice if more people were able to make a living doing what they love. The problem as I see it is as things are only the best of the best are able to do so with content creation. This is because content has basically become free and thus worthless to most of the people who make it. If people had to pay then some people might forgo the good stuff because it expensive and instead give lesser amounts of money to the second best (or third). This would mean more people could make a living creating content, but it would also mean that we might not always get best the content (i.E. We might have to settle sometimes). I think more people being able to make a living creating content is worth the cost, but I imagine many would disagree with me.

  • I already feel well protected as a creator

    As a Canadian composer and record label owner, I feel there is currently adequate legal protection provided to me against copyright violation and internet piracy. As a member of SOCAN, I benefit from having a team of lawyers who will fight on my behalf for any copyright related or piracy related problems I may encounter for free. Furthermore, my label's distribution company also has its own legal team that looks out for our joint interests (which again does not cost me anything). I am also a member of the Canadian Music Centre, which also works hard to defend my interests as a creator. In some ways, I almost feel over-protected. I certainly wouldn't want to be the pirate that has to face-off against these multiple teams of expert copyright attorneys.

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