• We better take care of Mother

    I think we better find ways to protect the earth that we know and love, if we don't we'll be without a home and without a human race in the blink of an eye.

    I think we can give "human" rights to mother earth by protecting her health and not killing off other living things just for the sake of progress because we feel the desire to do so.

  • Wrong choice of words.

    The natural ecology of the Earth needs protection, there's no doubt about that, but human rights in no way apply. What would the planet do with "the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state"? The right to an education? Free speech? It's nonsense to apply human privileges to a complex and important system with completely different needs.

  • Mother Earth Does Not Have Rights

    Mother earth should not have human rights since it's not technically a living thing. However, there should be laws and regulations that can keep people from causing damage to the earth. We should preserve our natural resources and secure that our future generations will also have a higher quality of life here.

  • Support Human Rights for Humans

    Wow, really. Maybe next we can give human rights to Father Time. Just because we decide to give nature a name, like Mother Earth, does not mean there is an actual person. It's all in the name, human rights, as in for humans. I know Mother Earth is a god to some hippies out there but they probably would not support God getting human rights.

  • It's not a living thing

    The Earth itself is not a living thing. While many aspects of the Earth are, the Earth itself is not living. The planet itself does not deserve human rights because not everything on the planet has the concept of human rights. Humans might be able to enforce these rights with each other, but animals don't care if their actions harm the planet in some way or another.

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