Does motivation in the classroom coorrelate to professional success later in life?

  • Yes, work ethic does not change.

    Yes, motivation in the classroom correlates to professional success, because the people who worked the hardest in school will be the same people who work the hardest in life. Personalities don't change much, and if a person hasn't learned how to work hard in school, they will not be any different once they get to a job. People show their true colors in school.

  • Motivation, Perspiration Start Young

    Look to Tiger Woods for an example--he was motivated at a very early age to succeed in golf. If students in the classroom at young ages are motivated to succeed in scholarly endeavors, one would think such motivation spills over into other aspects of the student's life. The whole point of getting an education is to be successful financially in a chosen field. Whether someone becomes a small business owner at 18 or goes to college, motivation in the classroom should linger into "real" life.

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