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  • Yes it does!

    Having a variety of cultures and races has made Britain so much more advanced then before multiculturalism and everyone can 'get on' without conflict and racism between races. Just think about it, if Britain was the only country in tyhe world or if it didnt accept immigrants, where would we be?

  • Yes, and it already exists in many places.

    Cambridge, England is a good example of this. There are very few problems, and when there are they are restricted to the individual, On the whole it is a progressive city brimming with different interacting cultures. There are many other towns and cities like this in Europe. The proof as they say, is in the pudding.

  • Yes, it does work, and there is much to be gained from multiculturalism in Europe.

    Multiculturalism can work very well in Europe, just as, through history, Europeans going to other places and affecting their cultures. It did bring some strife and, perhaps, they were a little overpowering. But, it also brought us connections with people from all parts of the world. It can bring creativity. It is also good to learn things from other places, because it helps us remember that we are all on the same planet, and we can share cultures with each other.

    Posted by: RigidJamal55
  • Multiculturalism works in Europe, because it promotes acceptance.

    Cultures differ and sometimes clash, that is true. But, without a foundation of respect, like multiculturalism, the clashes would be much worse. We live in a global world, and cannot escape running into those with different cultures and ideas than us. Because of this, respect and cooperation are necessary, and will become increasingly more necessary in the future.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • Yes, because I believe multiculturalism should take place everywhere.

    Having a variety of culture everywhere modernizes Europe, and can bring in new cultures. Varieties of things are always the best. For example, when British took over a colony in Hawaii, they brought new people and food, mixing the cultures together, making more and more cultures. Also, living in a multicultural country makes everybody feel equal, and it teaches kids about other cultures.

    Posted by: RacialMark95
  • Multiculturalism is man made.

    Cultural exchange and learning about other ways are wonderful things but Multiculturalism is just a ploy to lower resistance to commercial exploitation by big business. It causes mistrust and breaks up many worthy things that have been built up by peoples over generation. A few subcultures that mainly conform to the accepted standard can work, but when you adopt multiculturalism you accept the lowest common denominators of culture and so don't have unity or chances for growth.

  • the land

    Europe has a specific history and culture. The immigrants do not share the history, culture or have attachment to the land. I won't say it's bad, but it just doesn't work in Europe. They have a very specific identity that is theirs alone. multiculturalism impedes on that identity and threatens to change it. there is nothing wrong with having an identity.

  • No, multiculturalism does not work in Europe, as is evident by the French riots, which were just the tip of an iceberg.

    Most of Europe, especially western Europe, is a civilization unto itself. The varying nationalities might disagree with that assessment, but former imperial Europe had cultural clashes with Africa and the Middle East, and those continue today. Many peoples from former colonized nations move to and live in Europe, but their cultural assimilation has been very rocky. From outrage over Danish cartoons, to the French riots, to the controversy of minarets in Switzerland, Muslims are finding Europe not to be as liberal, open, and welcoming as they would seem.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Multiculturalism does not work in Europe, because the dominant "native" culture of the continent is both unwilling to work on incorporating immigrant cultures, and unwilling to tolerate their lack of their corporation.

    While multiculturalism is failing in Europe, it is due more to the dominant native culture of the Europeans, rather than the "multicultural" immigrants themselves. The countries of the continent have set up a catch-22 for anyone attempting to immigrate into them, being both unwilling to offer incentive to cultural integration, and unwilling to tolerate the consequences of non-integration. For decades now, the nations of Europe have failed to provide any positive reason for immigrants of other cultures to assimilate into their host country. There are no financial, political, or other rewards for doing so. Indeed, the dominant credo has seemed to be one of ignoring the growing immigrant population and hoping for the best. Now that this has resulted in conflicting cultural "enclaves" in the continent, which was to be expected from such a policy of neglect, the response is to blame the immigrants themselves. The purpose of multiculturalism is to foster a diverse and beneficial population who can each aid the others as a collective country. Without some reason for these cultures to identify with their host country, however, and value the benefits of togetherness over their own individual culture's mandates, it is no surprise that the policy has failed.

    Posted by: MammothKris62
  • Countries with countries.

    You go to some of the suburbs in Paris and find you might as well be in Africa or some middle eastern country. It looks French but not a single French cafe or something else French to be found. So what has been created is a culture within a culture. Eventually these cultures want to have their own country like the Muslims in Burma or Thailand. Inviting a backward people into a more advanced educationally country is a big mistake. The less educated migrants and in this case Muslims cannot integrate. Cannot find advanced work and will remain maginalized or on welfare for ever. Unless you wish to have countries within countries and loose your own country. Western Europe is making a big mistake letting so many uneducated people in without offering them education and a hope to get jobs and integrate.

  • It Kills Children

    The Manchester bombing of Ariana Grande's concert proves that multiculturalism does not work! It creates division and tension between groups. It creates clashes of ideology, and races. Erodes the native culture by having groups of people who do not wish to give up their own cultural background. Homogeneity is key, it creates unity and strength.

  • It only works in very small doses.

    Perhaps the likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other hard line Islamist States have accepted that for multiculturalism to work, all Muslim refugees and assorted other elements from that faith and others, whether either terrorists or economic migrants, should not be welcomed in their countries.
    The fact that they wish to preserve their own very high standards of living without having to share it out with the more unfortunate, or to inherit disorder to their pampered existence, is clearly behind this thinking, so they are prepared to make the sacrifice of lumbering them onto us in the rest of the world. They are however, prepared to have a limited number to work for slave wages in order to pander to their bloated lifestyles where there own are not willing to do other than lounge around in luxury.

  • You get Islam

    Europe may be dying demographically because they produce 1.2-1.4 children per couple, the mainly Muslim immigrants produce about 7 children per couple.
    There are 12-14% proportion of Muslim population in France and Germany, these two will become Muslim first. The UK has 6-7% Muslim population so the first Countries to become Islamic are France and Germany, the dominant countries of Europe, so Islam will have control over the economically smaller other European countries. I do not think Europe had that in mind when they let these Middle East peoples into their Country

  • There should of been a referendum on imigration. I know lots of people who agreed with Enoch Powell about not letting them in?

    They call themselves British but most of the imigrants are living in England. It is English culture that is being eroded by them. They came to our country and should adopt English culture. People who call themselves British are often the imigrants. I know lots of English people who did not want foreign hordes in there homeland. It was forced upon us by our government. English people afraid to speak out against it because of witch hunt of those the state see as being racist. A vast amount of English people see it more as a invasion than integration by them.

  • It doesnt work anywhere!

    No. Just no! It would be better if everyone went back to their homelands. Thanks to multiculturism London looks like the Middle East and Detroit looks like a 3rd world country.

    "multiculturism" just means LESS white people. We will become a minority in our own homelands if this doesn't stop. The non whites are outbreeding us!

    No more!! Screw multiculturalism! We need homogeneous societies if we want our children and grand children, and so forth, to have good lives.

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